I have a gay friend but I think he may be attracted to me

Hi Lara,

It sounds like you are feeling confused. It also sounds to me like you have made a few assumptions about this friend. You say that think he is gay because you have never seen him with girls, but there could be many reasons why you do not see him with girls. It’s possible your friend is shy or maybe not looking to be involved with anyone right now. Is this something you have ever discussed with your friend? Has he told you that he identifies as gay? This might be something you want to talk to your friend about if you feel comfortable doing so.

It also sounds like some of the things he does (such as staring at your cleavage) confuse you or make you uncomfortable. This might also be something you want to address with your friend (even if you are not comfortable talking to him about how he identifies). Whether he is gay or not makes no difference if he is doing something that you are not OK with.

I hope this helped. If you want more information, you might want to check out the Project10 website at http://www.p10.qc.ca/ – they have some information that might be helpful to you.

Thanks for your question, Lara. Feel free to contact us again!

S, for Alterheros

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