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If I masturbate to gay male porn how can i be emotionally attracted to women?

I masturbate while thinking of men, does that, I'mean I'm gay or bisexual? Hi, My name is jorge and I'm 17. I had always been curious about sex since 14 maybe, and since that I had have masturbate thinking of man and watch sometimes gay porn. However, I had a girlfriend years ago and I always have emotional feelings for women, but sometimes i I feel physically attracted to men, so I question if that means something or not. I don't know what to think, but is difficult to resolve and the though has been in my mind for a while. Any advice?

I’m a lesbian, so why am I attracted to one man in particular?

i'm 29 and living now here in rome. for 11 years i'm living as a lesbian, and i'm happy with who i am.been with a live in relationship that lasted for 3 years then all of a sudden i felt something like being confused. i started admiring a man, imagining being with him then after a day i felt disgusted or yucky on thinking that i'm with him. it happen twice. am i really a lesbian? why do i feel like this? thanks a lot and looking forward for your answer.