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Ou est-ce que je me situe sexuellement ? J’aimerais faire l’amour avec ma femme et qu’en même temps un homme me sodomise…

j'ai 58 ans, marié depuis 33.depuis un an, j'avais très envie de faire l'amour avec un homme. J'ai rencontré un homme et on a fait l'amour. J'ai découvert que je n'aime pas embrasser un homme ni lui caresser le corps, par contre, j'ai aimé faire une fellation et j'ai adoré lorsqu'il m'a sodomisé. J'aime toujours faire l'amour avec ma femme ou d'autres. Par contre j'ai toujourd envie de me faire sodomiser.Bref, mon idéal serait de faire l'amour avec une femme et qu'un homme me sodomise et uniquement ça. J'aimerai savoir où je me situe sexuellement. J'aime aussi voir ma femme faire l'amour avec d'aures

Is she slowly stealing my boyfriend’s attention from me?

So I've been been with my boyfriend for almost a year but I noticed that he started hanging out with a group of girls. One of the girls is one he used to like. At first I asked him what was up but he said nothing. After awhile i noticed that he hung out with a different girl in particular, if we are in class and he walks in, the first person he goes to is her.....then me. There was even a point where I wouldn't be able to find him and when I did, he'd be with them. I've tried not thinking anything about it but he just makes me wonder. I also think that the feelings are mutual because she always looks for him and today I was talking to a friend and I mentioned his name, she turned her head so fast, I could have sworn she got whiplash. I don't want to take his friends away from him but at the same time I want to know what the hell is up.

Does my teacher like me? If not why does he stare?

Dear Experts, I don't really know should I write this? But I need advice. But I really need someone to listen me. I'm 15 year old in high school. Something strange happened 2 weeks ago. I was waiting my teacher, and I saw this another teacher, I kept staring at him. His class was right in-front of me and I saw him everyday and I was staring at him all the time. I know this is wrong but I kept staring at him. Five days later, I was waiting my friend in the hallway and that teacher was passing by me and he stared at me two times. The next morning he stared at me like he was embarrassed. The next morning he stared at me like he was attracted by from me. Two days later he was in his classroom and helping his students he stared at me a lot of times. I got so nervous. I actually felt happy about it. I know this teacher shouldn't be doing but I think he something on me. I kind of have feeling for him. I will never talk him or anything like that. Why he stares at me? Thanks so much!!