Daily Archives: 26 octobre 2010

I came out and was well received, but I feel so awkward now

Hi, I just came out to my parents and I guess they took it relatively well. My mom and dad assured me they still loved me and wont treat me any different but I can't help but feel REALLY awkward and disconnected around them now. I know it's the first day but I feel badly that they have to go through this. Whenever I see that they're upset i always want to fix it, but I can't fix this. Will I ever feel comfortable around my parents like I did this morning before I told them?

Can I be labeled a girl or a boy or something in between?

Lately I've wondered if I would be happier as a boy. I don't hate my female body parts, I don't mind my breasts, though I think they look better in other people. I don't feel "trapped in the wrong body", but it isn't right either. I also have trouble with my sexuality, I am not turned on by anything but male gay porn, and feminine men. I am not boyish at all, and like feminine clothes, all except skirts. Am I transgendered? Should I be a boy? I don't think I would be a "boy", as in the stereotypical type, I am much more like a girl in that way. But sometimes I wish I was a gay boy. I wish people would ask me: "Elisa, what would have happened if you were born a boy?" I only have female friends, I am comfortable around them, and not attracted to them, I hate having periods, and I envy boys in some ways, yet I can tell women have it better in others. Can I be labeled as "girl" or "boy"? Am I something in between? Help, please!

Est-ce possible qu’on soit amoureuses, mais qu’on se le cache ?

je me dispute toujours avec mon ami fille que je connais depuis dix ans,j ai l impression des fois que nous formons un couple,mais sans relation sexuelle ou rapprochement;j aimerai savoir s'il était possible que l on soit amoureuses l une de l autre et que l on se le cache par peur???et comment savoir si réellement c'est le cas?et comment en aborder la chose?