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Que dire lorsqu’un enfant nous avoue provenir d’une famille homoparentale ?

Hier midi, assise à la table avec les enfants (entre 6, 7 et 8ans), un petit garçon (7 ans) de mon groupe me dit: "Madame, saviez-vous que j'avais 2 papas et 2 mamans. Maman a une amoureuse et papa un amoureux". Je dis : Ah oui! Ça se peut...! Je ne savais pas..." Le regard des autres enfants se posant en alternance sur lui et sur moi, ils lui demandent: "Tes parents sont lesbiennes"? Il répond : "Non"! Alors une petite fille dit : "Elles sont gaies alors"? Il répond(hésitant) : "Heu, Oui, je pense". Un malaise s'est installé par la suite dans mon local. À moi ensuite de changer le sujet... Je me pose la question suivante: Qu'aurais-je due répondre aux autres enfants? Aurais-je due aller plus loin dans le sujet? Démistifier les tabous? C'est pas facile avec des enfants de cet âge intervenir, avez-vous des pistes d'intervention à me suggérer? Et pour terminer, c'est la 3ième fois que ce petit garçon change d'école parce qu'il fait "rire" de lui... MERCI pour votre aide!

How come I get aroused by shirtless men? I’m sure I like women.

I have seen your site and feel very confused. I have always fantasized about girls since I started thinking about Sex and have only had crushes on girls, but sometimes when I see a someone with his shirt off or when I am in the locker room I get aroused. Gay Porn doesn't turn me on and recently I have tried thinking about gay sex too but that does not turn me on either. I feel very confused because I have never wanted to go out with or have sex with another man, but recently I have started obsessing about my sexuality. I am not homophobic but how can I be heterosexual and get aroused by men with their shirts off?

I think I have sadism, gender, sexuality issues

I think I may be having gender, sexuality and sadism issues. Where gender is concerned, I'm biologically female. However, I completely loathe the idea of anyone perceiving me as such, but I know there's no way for me to be male and I don't want to be one. I'd prefer to be neither or both. And I'm not attracted to men or women- but I am really attracted to the idea of them being hurt, sexually or otherwise. Whenever I hear that some young, promising person has committed suicide, or a very loved child has been murdered, it really excites me, until I realize how disgusting that is and I don't know what to do. Part of the reason why I don't want to be perceived as female is because they are perceived as vulnerable- I like that on other people but not me. I don't think any of this is right. I have no romantic options like this, I would like them, but I just don't like other people. Am I sadistic + asexual or just messed up in the head? How can I accept it or change?

My peers tease that I am gay – but I don’t think I am!

I'm peter,15 years old....Since last month I'm afraid of turning gay.....but i don't want to as i have fell in love only with the opposite sex....and i don't think i will fall for men in the future...but at school I'm very friendly with girl and i always like to crack jokes among them. Some boys always say that I'm gay. When they say that I'm gay...i feel anxious and angry.....during my life time,i had watched only straight porn not gay porn.I don't know why they say that I'm....are they jealous that girls talk with me??or am I gay???.......since I'm very anxious and this is affecting my sex drive.I don't want to become gay but since they said that I'm gay ,i becoming very confused.....am i straight ???am i gay???or am i bisexual???