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J’ai encore de l’attirance pour lui, devrais-je lui en reparler ?

bonjour, j'ai avoué a un ami hétéro avoir des sentiments pour lui, au début il a bien pris la chose et il commençait à s'intéresser de plus en plus au sujet (il m'a une fois avoué avoir regardé un porno gay et m'a aussi demandé si j'étais actif ou passif).Apres je ne sais pas ce qui s'est passé il es devenu distant avec moi j'ai respecté sa décision après avoir essayer a maintes reprises de savoir pourquoi.Mais dernièrement il a tenté de renouer contact avec moi au début je ne voulais pas parce que je lui en voulait encore de ne m'avoir pas donné d'explication mais finalement je me suis laissé faire.Mais depuis qu'on a renoué contact on a pas évoqué ce qui s'est passé entre nous.il se trouve que j'ai non seulement envie de comprendre sa réaction passée mais j'ai encore le béguin pour lui, vous pensez que je devrai lui en parler ou le garder pour moi ?

How do I approach my sister about liking her best friend’s sister?

question #1: hi, I'm in love with my sisters best friends little sister (magan), but my sister doesn't know I'm bi. me and my sister are really close and i want her to no how i feel but she hates the idea of gays and bis. what should i do,(my deepest fear is that she'll be grossed out by me and not be as close anymore) if i cant get her to understand, i don't think ill have the nerve to ask magan to go out with me publicly. and question #2: hi, i no u get this a lot but I'm really not sure what to do.. I'm bi and i really like my friend who is also bi (she knows I'm bi). here's the thing we were drinking with her friend and we ended up fooling around, like all three of us, but i want us to be more than just that, tho I'm not sure she wants that. how do i let her no? please help. to make things worse her big sister and mine are best friends and both of them don't no that we are bi, so it would be bad if we ended up going out.. wouldn't it? please help thanks <3

I want to move to the US from Tunisia to be with my boyfriend – can I apply for a green card?

Hello! I recently got an F1 student visa to the USA , I'm from Tunisia. My boyfriend who lives in Philadelphia helped me. My visa is valid for 3 years. The thing is I met him and he came here and we're in love. So I decided I would love to live with him in the US. I thought about same sex marriage , will that change my visa status if marrying him in a state where same sex is legal ( 5 states in America allow legal same sex marriage) , will be able to stay there and be a resident and later apply for green card? What should I do to stay forever with him? I really love him and want to stay there too in a country that respects me for who I'am . And what if getting married in Canada ? Thanks a lot Alterhéros officials , I appreciate your help.