Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Celebrities

A list of some gay, lesbian, bisexual celebrities – recognize anyone?

Virginia Woolf Writer Michael Stipe Lead Singer of REM
Clive Barker Author and Filmmaker Rosie O’Donnell Comedian and Actor Randy Harrison Actor
Mitchell Anderson Actor Freddie Mercury Lead singer of Queen André Boulerice Provincial Cabinet Minister
Boy George Singer & Songwriter Claude Rajotte Animateur à MusiquePlus Robert Gant Actor
Pet Shop Boys Singers Herb Ritts Photographer Marilyn’s Boys Pop Band
Ellen Degeneres Actress Amelie MauresmoTennis Player George Michael Singer
Tegan and Sara Singers Elvira Kurt Comedian & TV Host k.d. lang Singer
Elton John Singer & Songwriter Michel Tremblay Writer Claude Charron Reporter/Host
Greg Louganis Olympic Diver Rupert Everett Actor Lea Delaria Comedian
Danny Pintauro Actor Lily Tomlin Comedian & Actor Sir Ian Mckellen Actor
Sinéad O’Conor Singer Yves Jacques Director Chad Allen Actor
William Young Singer & Winner of ITV’s Pop Idol Paula Poundstone Comedian & Actor Greg Araki Writer, Director, Actor
Nathan Lane Singer, Actor Stephen Gately Singer Daniel Pinard Jounalist, Chef, TV Host
Peter Paige Actor Réjean Thomas Doctor (Famous for his work on HIV/SIDA) Richard Chamberlain Actor
Scott Thompson Actor and Comic Brian Orser Olympic Figure Skater Réal Menard Provincial Minister
Eloy De Jong Singer Montgomery Clift Actor Pedro Almodovar Writer, Filmmaker
Rock Hudson Actor Martina Navratilova Tennis Player Bruce Weber Photographer
Melissa Etheridge Singer-Musician David Veatch Olympic Swimmer Mark Bingham Rugby
Billy Bean Baseball Sue Wicks WNBA Player David Kopay Football
Alex Kostich Swimmer Mia Hundvin Handball Player Ryan Miller Snowboarder
Mark Tewksbury Olympic Swimmer David Pichler Diver Mark Leduc Olympic Boxer
Conchita Martinez Tennis Player Ryan Quinn Nordic Skiier Ian Roberts Rugby
Ani Difranco Musician Oscar Wilde Writer Sandra Bernhardt Comedian, Artist
Jeremy Sheffield Actor Indigo Girls Musicians Hanif Kureishi Author
Emily Dickinson Poet, Writer Tom Ford Fashion Designer Tracy Chapman Musician
Svend Robinson Canadian Parlimentary MP Eleanor Roosevelt Stateswoman Tom Ashton Actor
Marie-Claire Blais Author Bob Paris Bodybuilder, Writer Michel Tournier Writer
Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Designer Rhona Cameron Comedian, Artist Armistead Maupin Writer
Sir Francis Bacon Writer Angélique Kidjo Singer Ember Swift Musicians
D’Gey Singer Leonardo da Vinci Scientist, Inventor, Artist

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  1. hotdouble #

    Alexander the Great is considered one of the greatest military generals in the aanals of history.
    * yes, he was. but being a military man doesn’t necessarily exempt one from being gay, bisexual or pansexual. remember that homosexuality etc go way beyond career, social dictates or affiliations. there have been reports that there are even some priests who happen to be gay.

    What are the proofs that he was gay? I wonder really.
    * come to think of it, there can never be any proof of homosexuality, except probably having sex with someone of the same sex. and we have no video or picture of him doing this. so this is very difficult to prove. however, according to history, alexander was intimate with some of his men. and he used to sleep with his bestfriend who happened to be a man. he loved him so much that when he accidentally killed him, he was devastated. and this depression eventually led to his own death.

    although, during alexander’s time, having sex with anyone, without regard to gender, was considered “normal”. they didn’t have notion of homosexuality. in short, by his and his time’s standard, he was not a homo. but according to ours, he was.

    believe what you must.

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  2. Raymond L. de Leon #

    Alexander the Great is considered one of the greatest military generals in the aanals of history. What are the proofs that he was gay? I wonder really.

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  3. Arif Jafar #

    Informative, useful for lot of young people

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  4. archamx #

    cool!! i’m not good at remembering names only faces. now i know why some of the peoples i have seen on the TV shows Queer As Folks and Will And Grace looked familiar 🙂

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  5. Pat #

    I just thank you all for the amazing work you have done,congratulations and if i could know more people in this area id be really happy.could i leave my msn?
    All r welcome,not only bisex.
    cya all

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  6. Cole #

    I really think sexuality has been dictate for a long time by the self-righteous and for guys to come out and show them the middle finger is so damn cool! If you’re out there and confused about your sexuality, dont be. Being true to yourself is all that counts. Appreciate yourself.

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  7. lina #

    PAULA POUNDSTONE is not gay. She’s actually asexuel.

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