I don’t want to be gay, can I change my sexual orientation ?

Question asked by Mark (20 years old questioning man from Venezuela, Venezuela)

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I am sexually gay, and emotionally straight, ive never had any sexual or emotional contact with members of the same sex, and i dont want to because even if i enjoy the moment, i dont feel confortable with it, shouldnt i be confortable with my sexuality no matter what label i am in? i dont believe that its all right for a man to be atracted to other mans, its unnatural… so why is it that theres no way to repair this?? people say that being gay is not a problem, but it is to me! i dont want this! there must be a way to fix this because its not natural.. i think that the outreach team that answer these questions dont have any idea what we are through, and you answer to us like its nothing to worry about, and i think youre wrong… somebody has to do something about this… theres people suiciding themselves.. theres people dying!! at least be honest and say that you dont know anything about changing sexuality… if we can change our behaviour by theraphies, then im sure that its possibe

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