I am in love with my teacher but he recently got married

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Dear experts

I have a problem and need some advice. There is a teacher in my classroom who stares at me a lot, whenever I enter the classroom he makes eye contact with me. I feel like he’s attracted to me. I heard he even got married a few months ago. I like him as a teacher, we have NO relationship whatsoever and never will be. This really bothers me. Once when he stared at me he couldn’t stop staring at me. He hasn’t done anything inappropriate to me. Please help me what should I do? Does he have a crush on me? Should I report him? I’m in love with him. I know this is wrong but I just fell in love with him. When I heard he got married I was shocked, I was falling apart. This hurts so much. So much suffering and sadness. Please help me, what should I do? Should I forget him?

Thanks a lot.

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