I’m a girl. So is she. How can i be sure she likes me?

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I really like this girl from school but i hardly know her! I have a friend that knows her though, and so i ask about her often. But she likes a guy and so I’m sitting here watching and waiting. I know that it would be stupid to walk up and start talking to her when I know that we’re both girls. I tried talking to a few friends about it, but most of them hate her. And so what if she’s a “poser”…(in their opinion) I’ve talked to her a few times and i really like her. Sometimes i catch her staring at me, and other times she catches me staring at her. We both look away quickly, but i still want to know if she likes me! How can i tell…and what if she already knows if i like her?

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Hillary is currently completing her Bachelor of Social Work at McGill University, hoping to continue on to her Master degree after. When she lived in Toronto, she volunteered and worked at an alternative youth and family counselling organization with Dr. Karyn Gordon. Since moving to Montreal, she has completed an internship at Head and Hands, and has now been involved with AlterHeros for almost two years! She am now doing an internship at the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation center, working with families of young children with hearing impairments and developmental delays.

Being a part of the outreach team at AlterHeros has given me the chance to explore a wide variety of topics and connect with the queer community a bit more. I had a lot of emotional support growing up and was supported in whatever choices I made. I love being involved with Tell the Experts because it enables me to be able to connect with individuals who might be looking for that kind of support for themselves. Growing up, exploring and questioning yourself, and coming out can be difficult and sometimes scary, and I am thrilled to be able to help as many people as possible to make this journey an easier one.

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