Making gay jokes may have changed the dynamic between my best friend and I. How do I fix it?

Question asked by Ahmed (18 years old questioning man from United States of America, United States of America)

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Hey! Ok my situation is like this. I have a best friend and we are really close. We hang out all the time and do a lot together and have known each other for a long time now. We know everything about each other from the deepest secrets and we can talk about anything to each other. We always used to mess around and talk homo like to each other and then I really liked it. And one day he tried to tell me that he liked it too and that he thinks he was turning gay and not knowing if he was joking or not and if he wanted me to come out to him or not, I gave him a really shocked reply. Then he said he was kidding. Ever since then and slowly, I try talking to him in the same homo best friend type we used to talk and act but he acts all strictly and doesn’t even joke around anymore. I mean we still best friends and really close but he just tries not to act gay around me anymore. I really miss the old him and I wish I could tell him that I like him but I can’t risk my friendship with him.

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