I want to leave Tunisia for a country that allows gay marriage

Question asked by Media (21 years old homosexual man from Tunisia, Tunisia)

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Dear experts, I’m gay and I live in Tunisia..My problem is my sexuality : I’m gay and it is clear that I don’t fit here..People here always think that gays or lesbians are sluts; they treat us like dirt and they hate to get in touch with us..I’m always keeping a low profile but the problem comes from my classmate who’s gay too but very effeminate and that puts us in so many troubles..I like him very much as he’s my best friend and he stands by my side whenever I feel lonely..I don’t wanna give up my friendship with him but many people criticize me and hate me because I walk with him..When I walk in my own, it is hard to say that I’m gay but with him it’s very clear.. Does being gay means “I’m a slut” ? Should I reject my best friend coz he’s effeminate? Also , I can not find a boyfriend , I’ve been searching for 4 years now! Should I give up ? I really need a boyfriend to love and get my sexual needs but it is hard here..Please Alterheros help me and advise me . Thank you very much.


I’m 21 year old from Tunisia and you know that homosexuality is illegal in my country. I feel very sad all the time coz we’re treated like dirt and people stare at us like we’re viruses. So I’ve decided I should get way and live somewhere else where homosexuality is legal..I’ve thought about meeting a man from Europe who can save me from the hell I’m in by marrying him ,from a country like Sweden , Spain, Canada or Holland ..My question is “Will I have troubles getting visa if it is for same sex marriage purpose knowing that homosexuality is forbidden by constitution here ? Will they grant me visa? And what if I’m thinking of Asylum, will they grant me that? Another question, if they grant me visa or asylum, will authorities in my country punish me using laws ? Plz Alterhéros , Help me!

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