I want to cut off my breasts!

Question asked by Laura (21 years old homosexual from United States of America, United States of America)

Question answered on 10 March 2010 by

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I hate my breasts and I don’t know what to do about it. I think a lot about cutting them off. I don’t like the way shirts look on me because of them. Also I don’t like being female and cringe when I hear people refer to me as she or by my first name. I wear baggy clothes and have short hair so strangers frequently assume I’m a boy until I tell them my name. Most people don’t understand my problem and make fun of me for dressing/ acting like a boy. This makes things difficult at work. Also I’m gay and worried that girls won’t find me attractive anymore if I decide to cut my breasts off. Please help.

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Kate is currently completing a Psychology degree at the University of Ottawa. She also volunteers at the Pride Centre of the University of Ottawa.

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