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I am wondering for my son…

I am wondering for my son…

Question asked by Lexi Gonsales (43 years old heterosexual woman from United States of America, United States of America)

Question answered on September 22, 2005 by

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Dear Lexi, Thank you for writing in about your concerns about your adolescent -- You brought up issues regarding your child's gender identity (ie that she is identifying as female and was born male), and around her sexual orientation (that she identitifies as gay). You also mentioned being concerned ... Read more.
Am I bisexual?

Am I bisexual?

Question asked by Soz

Question answered on May 19, 2005 by

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Hi Soz, I sometimes find it difficult to answer these questions, because I have other questions I'd like to ask you, before I give my answer…….BUT, I have still have something for you to think about, this will probably be a LONG answer…… Labels and all the stereotypes that come with them ... Read more.
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