I’m a 16-year old Iraqi boy – I want to be free to say

hi,,I'm 16 years old and I'm gay ,,and my friends never hang out with me ,,bcz they think I'm gay ,,what am i suppose to do,,and i cant tell them that I'm gay ,,bcz I'm in iraq if someones know ,,i will be killed ,,if there is someone can take me out of this place ,,plz help me i am in an emergency ,,im always alone ,please help me , im just 16 i don't want to waste my life by hiding my sexuality i want to be free to say "i am gay " like everyone in europe or u.s.a ,please answer as soon as possible ,,bayar

We are both married to men, but we are attracted to each other and have to keep it a secret.

i am a 40 years old married woman with three children.I have a very close female friend of about the same age and she too has three children.We have been friends for six years and are extremely close.We have gone on vacation together but in all these years noting sexual has happened.We have shared bed,hugs and were always physical but neither of us felt sexually attracted to each other.Both of us are quite happily married and have never had or felt like having any gay encounters.Just recently we mutually became so sexually attracted to each other its driving us insane ,its just like falling in love for the first time :butterflies ,weak knees,arousal .looking into each other eyes,constantly thinking of each other ,wanting to hear each others voice, wanting to touch each other.So far we have not crossed any lines but we both know once given the chance to be alone we will.Please help there is too much at stake ,our husbands are close friends and we CAN NEVER DISCLOSE THIS TO ANYONE.Why now

Followup about the crush I have on my old teacher

Dear, Rimma ! First of all thanks a billion for your wonderful and meaningful answer. Is was so worthful and touching. Regarding your queries about me. Here are some details about it: Well, Nobody knows in my family about my attraction towards male, only my best friend( who is of same age and straight) knows about this, but he never supports me and thinks that I'm a kind of mentally patient and I need a doctor. Another thing is I don't know any gay person in my home town nor any came out yet. Reading reaction of my family when they find their only son is gay or bi may put them in jeopardy or say my parents will collapse so i cant come out. When i was in 8th grade he was teaching me, now he is no more my teacher. The thing which attracts me towards him is, personality and nature. the only inappropriate thing he had done with me was, pinching me on my stomach and try to rube my body. He was behaving rudely with me, but now a days we are living in different towns so i cant meet him.