Créer un environnement sécuritaire à l’école

I’m scared to reveal my bisexuality

Hey I am 15 and I am in year 8 at high school I am scared to tell my friends who I am. I am actually bisexual and I really won't to tell them but I am afraid that they will look at me in different way and be disgusted at me and won't to be near me anymore and I have been hiding this for a while and I don't won't to keep it bottled up what should I do ???? =[

Does my teacher like me? If not why does he stare?

Dear Experts, I don't really know should I write this? But I need advice. But I really need someone to listen me. I'm 15 year old in high school. Something strange happened 2 weeks ago. I was waiting my teacher, and I saw this another teacher, I kept staring at him. His class was right in-front of me and I saw him everyday and I was staring at him all the time. I know this is wrong but I kept staring at him. Five days later, I was waiting my friend in the hallway and that teacher was passing by me and he stared at me two times. The next morning he stared at me like he was embarrassed. The next morning he stared at me like he was attracted by from me. Two days later he was in his classroom and helping his students he stared at me a lot of times. I got so nervous. I actually felt happy about it. I know this teacher shouldn't be doing but I think he something on me. I kind of have feeling for him. I will never talk him or anything like that. Why he stares at me? Thanks so much!!

Quand le GRIS fait la différence dans les écoles du Québec

C'est dans une ambiance festive que le GRIS-Montréal (Groupe de recherche et d'intervention sociale gaies et lesbiennes) a lancé sa cinquième campagne de financement annuelle sous le thème «L'homophobie ça touche tout le monde» ce 25 septembre à l'occasion d'une conférence de presse.

Lutte à l’homophobie en France: le Québec à l’honneur

Mercredi le 16 mai 2007 dernier, AlterHéros a assisté au Colloque contre l'homophobie et pour la diversité par l'éducation, organisé dans le cadre de la Journée internationale de lutte à l'homophobie, qui se tenait à Paris. Participant au colloque en tant que délégué d'AlterHéros, Marc-Olivier était présent pour y découvrir le milieu associatif français et aussi pour prendre connaissance de l'état de la lutte à l'homophobie en France. En voici nos conclusions.

I am a teacher and students use homophobic language. What kind of approaches should be effective to make them realize that homophobia can harm others

I teach mathematics at a suburban Toronto area vocational school. Virtually all of the students at the school have learning disabilities, behavioural issues, or some other reason for NOT attending a "regular" school. Many of the students are immature / confused / angry. For the most part, these students do not make bigoted remarks regarding ethnicity or religion. However, "fag" and "gay" seem to be common put downs - used as synonyms for stupid or unpleasant. Occasionally, I will stop the lesson and try this approach: "You wouldn't attack people based on their skin colour or religion, so why are you offending people based on sexual orientation?”. I have also ejected students from the classroom for persistent homophobic language. This is a workplace school, so I have also pointed out that a boss / co-worker may be gay / lesbian or have friends / family who are. They may severely mess up their career by being bigoted, rude and homophobic. Any better approach?