I’m scared to be bullied if I announce I’m transgender

I've had this ever-growing feeling for the past 3 or 4 years that I was born as the wrong gender. However, I do worry a lot about telling people that I want to be a girl. I know my parents love me and most people would not care what my sexuality was. But my bully-worn and wary mind keeps telling me "what if?". I just want to know whether I should bite the bullet and tell them or keep it to myself. I've been pushed to the point of tears because I'm so confused whether I should be honest or not. My question is simple: In this situation, should I tell the truth?

I am married, but obsessed by another person

This is in response to your reply: The feelings that I have for this person are not of a sexual nature. I have not given that any thought in the least, which is weird for me. It is just a sense of completion when I am around her: I feel totally relaxed in her presence. It has been a over 6 weeks since I last saw her and not one day goes by that she is not on my mind, so much so that it affects my work and I spend most of my days being very depressed. I have discussed this with my wife and she seems to think that it is bordering on obsession and that I may need to talk to a professional about it. Either way, it does not resolve the way I feel about the person. I try and try to blank her out of my mind but nothing seems to work for long. I do however get to see her in 2 weeks and this scares me because when I leave her presence I usually get very depressed and numb. Thanks Michael