Puis-je savoir si je suis lesbienne si je n’ai jamais eu de relation avec une fille?

Bonjour.Je me demande si je peux vraiment savoir si je suis lesbienne si je n'ai jamais eu de relation ni de rapport avec une fille .Tous mes fantasmes se dirigent uniquement vers les filles ,je rêve de fille la nuit ,j'adore être à cote d'une jolie fille à côte de moi et si elle mets sa main sur ma peau ou passe près de moi je ressent des frissons ,le coeur qui bas très fort ,je mate uniquement les filles ,j'aime enormement le corps feminin,j'adore leur compagnie et j'ai embrasser une fille un jour et c'etait une experience geniale et intense, pourtant parfois mais vraiment plus rarement je regarde les garçons mais le sexe d'un homme me degoute .Ma mère aussi ne pense pas que je sois lesbienne mais que je ressente juste de l'amitié mais je ne crois pas ressentir ça.Aussi ca ne fais que 1 ans que je ressent ça .Aussi je ne connais pas bien la communauté lesbienne et comme je ne suis pas du tout androgyne ni masculine j'ai peur de ne pas être accepter.Pouvez vous m'aider ? Merci à vous

If I could pass, would my family support me if I decided I was transgender?

I've been crossdressing since 5th grade, in my moms lingerie and other clothes. It started out just out of curiosity, but I couldn't stop. I love it because I do feel feminine which doesn't scare me. I have to admit there is some arousal too. I've also fantasized about being a girl and having sexual relations with another male, but I"m still attracted to girls mostly. I recently became friends with a mtf transgender girl and I find myself speaking more in a feminine tone with her like we were best friends. Depression has really hit me lately. There are times where because of how i feel when i dress as a girl, its no longer just about love of crossdressing, but in truth I like looking in the mirror and it feels right. Am i just a transvestitecrossdresser or should I consider that I might be a woman inside. The last year I've been getting these strong feelings towards being a woman and it only bothers me because I don't know if I could pass and if anybody in my family would support me.

Limited trans resources in Saskatchewan Canada

I'm a transexual and have been all my life and moved to Saskatchewan when I was 18. I haven't found any kind of support here for transsexuals and I have been alone, completely alone in this, for about 20 years now in Saskatchewan. I am tired of doing this alone and need a support group. Are there any support groups in Sask? I've emailed several groups, including Pflag, and have gotten no response. Is anyone getting my emails? Thanks, Stephen =-)

I have suffered a lot in my country of origin, now I suffer too in my country of adoption

as a gay,i have suffered enough in my country nigeria and now am in netherlands seeking asylum,but i still feel insecure and timid here in netherlands, cos sometimes am been forced by gay guys here, so i don't like that kind of treatment cos i want a peaceful love life with whoever i found but forcing me makes me loosing my mind and also fearing that i might die,so just advice me because am confused here.i guess i should choose whom i want to be with but this type here is causing me to loose my mind and remember some bad treatments i received in my country. netherlands is a good country but some hooligans create a bad name for it in terms of been gay, so advice me ok and am also worried about my young brother who is also a gay but was also rejected like me and i don't know his whereabouts, so am really depressed and pissed off with life

Non University-run bi/gay organizations

Hi Alter Heros, I do not know if I am in the right section of the site but I hope I am. I am looking to meet other gay or bi guys in the West island or Montreal. However, I do not know where to search. Mcgill University and Concordia University or other college social gatherings are out of the question. I have my reasons why. Also, I am looking for an anglophone environment where there are people around my age, I am 28. I am looking for a social gatherings and sports gatherings. Can you please help me with this issue? Thanks.