I don’t want to make the same mistake twice !

I have a crush on one of my female friends. She knows I'm gay, I do not what her orientation is. Every time someone else asks her who she likes, or if she's ever liked anyone, she always avoids the question. But like I said, I really like her. I'm wondering whether to tell her or not. Last year, i was in something of the same position, and the other girl freaked when I told her. I DO NOT want to make the same mistake twice. Last year hurt like anything. The other problem is that we're both in the same tight group of friends, and I have a feeling telling her, if the feelings were not mutual, would screw up the whole group. (It would cause a lot of incredibly awkward situations at best.) Do I tell her? If anything, is there a way to inquire her own sexual orientation without being terribly blunt? Friggin' middle school drama.

I don’t have many chances to talk to boys, but maybe I prefer girls?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've never had a boyfriend before. I don't have any brothers and I go to an all girls school. I don't socialise with people outside of my immediate family and school friends, so I don't have any friends that are boys (as opposed to boyfriends). Recently I was talking to a boy I met on a volunteer programme. I thought he was nice, but I wasn't sexually attracted to him. This got me worried about why I wasn't attracted to him. I began to worry that I might be gay, even though it had never ever occurred to me before. Once I started thinking about it, I couldn't get the thought out of my head. Suddenly, I began to find women sexually attractive, even though I never had before. I have always found guys good-looking, but I have always known when girls were pretty as well. All I've ever wanted, old-fashioned as it sounds, is to get married to a man and have children. I don't understand this. I don't have a crush on any girl at all, and never have. Please help.

Does my teacher like me? I have a crush on her!

Hi, I'm a girl and I have this huge crush on my ELA teacher, who is also female. I find everything about her adorable and might be obsessed with her. She told my mom in parent-teacher conference- "I love her!" "shes my little helper." She also talks to me a lot and tells me I don't smile enough and puts this big smile on to get me to smile and laughs (god i love her laugh) when I do. I had a 99.3 average in her class and when it went down to a b-, she wrote me a little note and put it on my desk during class saying something about how she doesn't like seeing that and she noticed my math grade is similar and "we need to fix this!" and when she walked over and talked to me about it she told me I was very smart and could do better and so on. another thing, she always smiles at me and looks at me in class and she also asks whats wrong if I look sad and offers to let me leave for a bit or take a walk/drink. Does she feel attracted to me? Does she like me? Please help. Thank you. :)

Should I tell these girls I like them?

Well hello! I'm a 13 year old bi-sexual girl. I really have no problem with being bi, and my friends dont either. Well to get to the point, I have this HUGE crush on this lesbian girl i go to cadets with but I dont know how she feels about me. Last time we talked about it, she had a girlfriend but they didnt go to the same school and hadent seen eachother a whole lot lately (that was almost 2 months ago) and she likes this other girl that's straight, and is my age. (the girl i like is 15) But when we went to this summer camp (cadets) she kinda flirted with me. And at night it was SOO cold usualy we'd all sleep 2 in a bed and she'd always want me to sleep with her ^.^. and this is before i KNEW i was bi, well i kinda did but i didnt admit it quite then. Anyway, but theres also my friend from school that i really like but she's (so far) straight. Almost the same situation. She flirts a lot, not just with me though. I really like both of them but i dont know if i should tell them, or what.

Where could I meet more bisexuals in Vancouver, B.C.?

i think i'm bi because i'm attracted to both females and males. i was wondering where could i meet more bi's in my area? (vancouver, bc, canada) i'm 14 and i have a crush on my friend and i recently found out she is also bi ,should i ask her out or should i just try to get to know her better? i'm not that close to her btw.

I have a crush on my work colleague who flirts but is already seeing someone.

HI. I have always been dating guys, but somehow I find myself attracted to girls. I think I might be bi. Anyways, there is this girl i just started working with, i didn't like her at first, but all of a sudden something changed in me and now i have a huge crush on her! She even flirts with me a little. She told me she was dating someone, but I just want to know if she could be interested in me. She even calls me babe a few times. IS she bi or just being flirty?

I’m a girl. So is she. How can i be sure she likes me?

I really like this girl from school but i hardly know her! I have a friend that knows her though, and so i ask about her often. But she likes a guy and so I'm sitting here watching and waiting. I know that it would be stupid to walk up and start talking to her when I know that we're both girls. I tried talking to a few friends about it, but most of them hate her. And so what if she's a "poser"...(in their opinion) I've talked to her a few times and i really like her. Sometimes i catch her staring at me, and other times she catches me staring at her. We both look away quickly, but i still want to know if she likes me! How can i tell...and what if she already knows if i like her?