Est-ce un homosexuel qui a tenté une expérience avec une femme et cela ne lui a pas plu ?

Je viens de faire l’amour avec un homme (31 ans, sportif de haut niveau) qui a été très […]

Si le condom brise, est-ce je vais m’en apercevoir ?

j'ai eu une relation sexuelle avec un autre homme.Je me suis fait pénétré .il a mis un condom et du lubrifiant . Il a éjaculé dans le condom lors de la pénétration . Je me demande si le condom a brisé .Je me pose la question à savoir si le condom aurait brisé est-ce que je m'en aurait apercu. Merci

Did I condition myself to like guys? And help for Christian queers.

So, I have always questioned my sexuality. When I started "self-pleasuring" myself about 3 yrs. ago I only ever thought about girl. When I realized that this wasn't exactly normal, I started forcing my self to thing about guys. So now, I have dated guys, but I don't really feel an emotional attraction to them (only very little). Sexually speaking, the idea of penetration doesn't bother me, but thinking of a penis doesn't really turn me on. With girls, I am very attracted to them physically. So am I bi?... Did I in a way condition myself to like guys all those years ago?...Or am I a lesbian in denial? Also if there is any advice for a gay teenager whose Christian, that would also be very helpful. Thank you <3 Krisy

My friend has a girlfriend, denies she is a lesbian, and I have fallen for her.

Hi my name is Mitchelle , I've been a lesbian since childhood. Now, its got me confused, i had this officemate that is very pretty therefore i made friends to her since i am indeed infatuated to her. Only by knowing that she's a lesbian too, she introduced me to her girlfriend. But she would always deny that she is a lesbian too.She'd always say that she's a girl in front of me as kinda joke. We hang out together at the mall just the two of us. She shows her affection towards me. Or i may just misinterpret it. She may just be charming. And now i fell for her, knowing that she's a lesbian. I know that when you love gender doesn't matter. However its got me confused really since this is the first time i felt this for a lesbian as well. I've had lot of lesbian friends in the past pretty, beautiful , hot lesbians and others. But never gotten in fallen in love with 'em. Knowing that there the same as me. But now i really think I'm lost, falling in love with a lesbian as well. Please help.

Confused about my feelings for both women and men

I'm very confused and could use help. I'm a college student and for most of my life I considered myself straight. None of my relationships with guys worked, they all felt forced. Touching them (even just holding hands) was a chore and kissing them made me Ill. I still wanted to date them, of course, but I couldn't seem to be attracted or close to them. Eventually, I chalked it up to me just being unable to commit. Then I got to college and started looking around. I still want to date guys, but I find myself looking at girls with much more interest. I could see myself with them physically, which I never had with guys, but despite that I still don't know if I'm bi, straight, lesbian, or bi-curious and, since I live in a fairly homophobic area of the country, I have no idea how to figure it out and no one to talk to. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I am in the UK, she is in the U.S. – can we get married?

i am an english woman and in love with the most wonderful woman in CHICAGO, we so much want to spend the rest of our lives together, but have only been together for 6 months. i want to move to her from uk. we are independent women, but your law wont let me in as we are gay, please help us.

She won’t date me but won’t keep her hands off me

Hi I am Tiffany I am bisexual I like this girl aloooooot. She is my best friend right now because of that reason. I've asked her out 3 times but she has denied me. What drives me crazy is that she can't keep her hands off me. She is constantly hugging me and kissing my cheek. My friends all ask if she is my girl because she hogs me and my attention. She will give me 20 minute hugs while breathing on my neck and wrapping her arms around it and kissing and biting my cheek. She jumps into my embrace everyday and kisses my cheek and sometimes my lips. Ever night she sends me a text saying "good night and sweet dreams beautiful I love you" what is her deal does she like me or what. And if not what can I do to win that angel's heart!!!!!! I think I may love her.