I’m not into stereotypical gay men – I want male energy, not female energy!

I am gay and out for over 6 years now. I have never had a relationship, but I crave the intimacy and companionship. Gay men don't interest me. I don't, for the most part, find them attractive emotionally or sexually (as opposed to physically). I do find the idea of straight men much more appealing. -NOT- because its wanting something I can't have, but because I see them as "true men". I see gay men (myself included, and many see me as 'butch'), as having emotional structures more similar to women and it is just more apparent in some (Think about stereotypes of gays and lesbians). So I find it difficult to be attracted to what I see as "female" energy. I want male energy. I also don't have -any- desire for anal sex either way. I do like giving oral sex though, but never really had a 'passionate' sexual encounter. I feel very lost and different to most gay guys. It is distressing that I have little to no libido at my age, plus my disinterest in gay men. What can I do?

My cross-dressing boyfriend feels uncomfortable when I cross-dress

Hello! I am a woman in a long-term relationship with a man who came out as a transvestite about two years ago; several years after we began dating. He is the only man I have been sexually attracted to, otherwise I am almost exclusively attracted to women. I am confused about my gender identity. I had some discomfort with this when I was a child, but eventually made peace with my body and the urges to express my male-ness almost completely disappeared. With his coming out as a cross-dresser, my desires have returned and I have begun collecting male clothing again, and wearing it in private. I cut my hair several months ago, and my boyfriend and parents had a fit. My boyfriend is aware of my bisexuality, but my transvestism only comes out when I am drunk and it makes him extremely uncomfortable. My parents are neither aware of my gender nor sexual identification. What can I do about managing my attraction to women, and how do I explain all this to my family? Do I have to?

I am very stressed about my attractions

Hi, I've always been sexually and emotionally attracted to females. Except for a couple of instances (eg. watching movies) I haven't until recently felt sexually attracted to a guy...but now it seems like it's happening all the time. However, it is only really sexy and attractive guys. I've also lately been turned on by my own body, and I'm worried that is a bad thing. I haven't been with a woman for quite a while, and I think maybe I'm just getting really horny.....? I would like to experiment with a guy, but I wouldn't know how to go about it. It's all very stressing. Thanks for your help.