Have I fell in love with my best friend?

Recently I've come out as bisexual yet I am still questioning my gender identity. A few days ago I had a conversation with my best friend about sex, and now I am thinking about her as a partner. What does this mean?

J’ai de la difficulté à dissocier fantasmes et infidélité… je culpabilise énormément!

Bonjour, je suis complètement perdue concernant l'interprétation de mes propres fantasmes et j'espère trouver un peu d'aide ici. Il m'arrive d'imaginer mon copain en train de faire une fellation à un autre homme et cela m'excite beaucoup. Je culpabilise énormément et j'hésite à lui en parler de peur de le vexer (les gays le répugnent).. Surtout qu'à l'inverse, je n'apprécierais pas qu'il fantasme sur le fait de me voir coucher avec une autre femme pour deux raisons: - Pour moi, ce serait comme si une infidélité de ma part (même avec une femme) l'exciterait et je remettrais en question son amour pour moi. - J'aurai extrêmement peur que cette autre femme l'excite, chose qui m'est insupportable. J'ai la sensation de ne pas dissocier fantasme et infidélité, et du coup je culpabilise de mes propres fantasmes jusqu'à me sentir honteuse après m'être masturbée. De plus, je ne comprends pas d'où ce fantasme vient et je me pose beaucoup de questions. Pouvez-vous m'éclairer ? Merci.

I’m afraid my boyfriend will act out his fantasies.

Hi. I have been in a relationship with my BF for 2 yrs and in the last year have discovered his desire for trannies. (women with penises) He's been watching tranny porn for 8 yrs. and also watches hetero porn, and bdsm porn. (we also have BDSM scenes where I'm the Domme and usually have a strap-on on; which I of course love) I for some reason am uncomfortable with his tranny desires. I think I feel threatened by them and fear I will lose him to a tranny if he acted on his urges/fantasies (which I believe he wants to) We have discussed this and he claims to desire the taboo and doesn't need to act on it. I want to know if I should just let him find a tranny to put his fantasies to reality or just leave it behind a screen? I fear that he will want to act on it eventually anyway but if he does I will want to leave. He also claims he is not bi, but would like a 3some w another guy where he would be "forced" by me to suck the guy off. That sounds bi. Does it mean he is?What do you adv

I’m not into stereotypical gay men – I want male energy, not female energy!

I am gay and out for over 6 years now. I have never had a relationship, but I crave the intimacy and companionship. Gay men don't interest me. I don't, for the most part, find them attractive emotionally or sexually (as opposed to physically). I do find the idea of straight men much more appealing. -NOT- because its wanting something I can't have, but because I see them as "true men". I see gay men (myself included, and many see me as 'butch'), as having emotional structures more similar to women and it is just more apparent in some (Think about stereotypes of gays and lesbians). So I find it difficult to be attracted to what I see as "female" energy. I want male energy. I also don't have -any- desire for anal sex either way. I do like giving oral sex though, but never really had a 'passionate' sexual encounter. I feel very lost and different to most gay guys. It is distressing that I have little to no libido at my age, plus my disinterest in gay men. What can I do?

Am I gay or not ?

i have always been attracted to both sexes for as long as i can remember, but for some reason i have always really liked the idea of kissing and holding a guy, yet i feel like i want to be in a relationship with a girl. after realizing this i started watching gay porn to experiment, and i found that i like the just about everything about the pre-gay sex, but when it comes to the actual penis and more actually "sexual" things i turn away cuz i just don't like it. this seems odd to me, am i gay or not? i still like the idea of having sex with a girl(the actual sex) yet whenever i fantasize its always men, never girls. another thing, i have never really masturbated i don't think. i am able to get the erection, but no matter what i cant really get the ejaculation to work. this is all very confusing to me and im not sure if its a definite question, but can i please get an answer, knowledge or comfort?

I like to cross-dress as a female, does this make me gay?

Much like a question I saw on your site, I like to crossdress in private & wish I was female. I love looking at the female body but wish I was one. When I crossdress I pretend I'm with a man and I masturbate. When I have sex with a woman I fantasize about being her or that I'm a woman & she's a man. I've been with lots of women but feel I'm more inclined to want to be a woman. I'm not sure if I'm gay because men do nothing for me unless I'm dressed & fantasizing about being a woman. But I know most women will not accept me as I am so should I date men? Am I a homosexual? I'm very confused right now. I have a daughter and a very religious family so I can't be a full time crossdresser.

Is it normal to be attracted to older women?

I have been single all my life and I have only had sex with two women. My first was with an older woman; she was 60 and I was 28. That was 22 years ago. My second was with a woman my age. That was 13 years ago. I felt relaxed and content with the older woman. Do I have a problem because I prefer older women? I do fantasize about going to bed with older women and performing 69s and being breastfed.

I am attracted to a girl

I have never been atracted to women before, but recently I met this girl at work, and I feel like I'm wanting to have physical relations with her. i think she's so attractive and sweet and smart, i have dreamed about her a few times, and was almost dissapointed to wake up. I get the feeling she might be bi, could this realy be just a fantasy? I'm 26 and married with 2 children, and so confused...