My friends say I’m only in a phase when I tell them I’m bi!

Okay, Well I've recently accepted myself as a bisexual (I was kind of denying it before) and I've only just built up the courage to tell my closest friends...and a lot of them are just saying that I'm not really bisexual and its just a phase that i will get over..and i think that's a load of crap...they say I'm to young to define my sexual orientation, i just want to know if this is really just a phase..i don't think it is but..I'm feeling really upset and it feels like they are only saying that because they don't accept me Help?. Thank you.

I thought I was trans, but now I’m confused about my sexuality and gender.

Alright so I'm a transsexual (ftm) but I kind of like to cross dress by wearing women's clothes so that would like...well that's weird I mean I'm basically just gender queer, I like wearing both women's and men's clothes but I don't feel comfortable in the female physical body! I think that makes sense. Anyways so with all that being discovered and finally coming out to myself in October I have a new problem, sexuality. You see I'm not sure if I'm like gay (like guys) or bisexual, pansexual or asexual. I like the look of most guys but I have found girls attractive as well. The thing is what's in their pants (penis/vagina) it doesn't appeal to all. I'm not turned on by it. I'm turned on by the person's appearance, personality or the thought of engaging in sexual activities but I don't like private areas. I'm not even sure if I want a penis construction surgery anymore. I'm not even sure what to call myself as a trans or sexuality wise. Help?

Making friends (or more!) with girls

Hi I just had a question but before I tell you guys I just wanted to say thanks for the advice on what to do to get this girl to noticed me and thanks to Hillary and I just wanted to ask what kind of words should I use to approach nice, not to nice and not to mean, or mean girls so that they will like me as a friend and maybe more than just a friend, maybe a boyfriend, so what kind of words should I use to approach girls and by the way I'm in 7th grade but the year is almost over. I'm almost 13

Is it usual to still doubt my sexual orientation if I’m 19?

Hi! Since I was 15, I knew I like other men. I've been with about 10 different women, and I like it. However, sometimes I feel I like men a bit, and even I feel that I could prefer men to women. I thought that I was bisexual, and even that I could be gay. Last summer, I had sex again with a different guy, and this time I like it but less. I started to think I preferred women; however again I'm feeling attracted to other men. I think I'm not able to feel sometimes attracted to men, and then to women. This is too confusing for me. I often feel that if I have no girlfriend it could be just because I'm gay, however then I think it's not true because sometimes I feel really attracted to women. What can I do? How can I do how to act? Should I have to still being straight? Should I have to be b or gay? Is there any way to know better what I really feel? Is it usual to feel sometimes one thing and then the opposite one (gay/straight)? Is it usual to still doubt if I'm 19? I'm so confused! Thanks – Jaime

My sexual fantasies are confusing me. Help!

I'm really confused about my sexuality. I'm a male and I've always emotionally liked woman, I've already dated some and i really had pleasure and orgasms with them except when it comes to real sex. I usually get excited while masturbating with lesbian sex, and also with male gay sex. As I get excited imagining gay scenes I am really confused about my sexuality. I never got excited with male friends or other any other man I see. Please help me and thank you very much! - Marcelio

How do I attract the type of woman I like?

I am a young black female and i love to dress like a male and like a female. I have dated one female before and i know i am looking for another. My question is, i have dated a black woman before now all i seem to be attracted to is white females. I am a bbw and it seems like i can not find a female that won't mind that i am a big woman. What can i do?