Am I bi? I like a girl on Facebook who dresses like a guy!

i know a girl from FB, she's pretty but she's dress-up like a dude... hen i saw her at the first time i can feel my heart beat fast and my face blushing, like: " OMG... She's so cute..." and everyday i always thinking of her.. but, when i know she's already in a relationship, i feel sad very very disappointed, but im only interested with a very tomboy or butch girl, but i still thinking boys are cute.... Am I BI? Why? can someone straight turn into BI after they're boyfriend hurting and dumped them?

I dont’ know how to get a girlfriend

Hi I'm Bisexual and at this time in my life i hate the idea of going out with a guy. I want a girlfriend, but I don't know how to get one. I can't just go up to a girl and tell her i'm bi and ask if she is too. I need advice, I feel like I'll never be able to get a girlfriend. What do I do?

Should I ask her if she’s bisexual?

I'm a girl and I think this girl I've only known for three months likes me. I have classes with her and I would often see her staring at me and if I look back at her, she would break the contact and I think she only does this because she's shy. Sometimes, she would walk around me dreamily and I don't know if she really does this with her other friends. Then, just recently, I was sitting on my desk and she walked up to me and she suddenly held my hand and I thought she was finally gonna tell me that she likes me but she didn't. Apparently, she was showing a friend her technique on arm wrestling. What confused me more was why was it me that she had do that arm wrestling technique with when she had friends sitting near her desk. I admit liking the touch of her hand. I don't know if she's bisexual too, like me, because her crushes are mainly guys (celebrity guys). What should I do? Should I ask her?

I cheated with a girl. He took me back but am I bi? Lesbian?

Hi, My name is Laura, I'm from Peru. I have a relationship with a boy for about 10 months and lately i cheated him with a girl because i wanted to experiment things with girls,(i told him about that girl that i cheated on, and he said we can get over that so we are still together) i really liked it a lot, but I'm not quite sure if i'm a lesbian? Or am i a bisexual? I told my boyfriend I was a lesbian because i can't stop thinking on girls, and i don't feel the same feeling for boys, and he totally got very sad but he didn't want to break our relationship, neither do i, but i feel atracted to girls. Additional to this, my boyfriend is a little afeminated so i guess when we are in bed i always look at him as a girl, is this normal? Am I a lesbian or a Bi? Thank you for reading my question and I would be really thank you if you reply the soon as possible.

Is she just being nice to me? I’m sure she’s straight but she’s driving me crazy!

Hello, i just wanted to, well explain my problem becaume i have no one really to tell - scared of hatred of rejection. Im straight, and always have been, until this girl came into year 10, and ever since i'v been confused! Shes popular, pretty and basically a bad rebel. Shes obviously straight but its just the things she sometimes do that makes me wonder, she makes me so nervous as well. Every science she walks dead close to me when theres loads of space around her, i see her sometimes watching me in that lesson too. Past english she put her hands around my waist to get past, but she wouldnt, definitely wouldnt do that to other people. i've hardly ever spoken to her yet she drives me insane with this confusion! i try to convince myself she may like me a little, but when i see myself and her friends, i think, why would she like me out of all her pretty friends? maybe shes just being nice to me? Thank you, chloe.

If I’m a lesbian, do I have to have sexual attraction to women? I just want romance!

I am 19 years old, and I came out to my parents as a lesbian, because after dating a girl I discovered I like women. But I broke up this girl because she wanted to kiss me and when she touched me I did not feel anything. What happens is that I contacted this girl online and I felt in love after I read something she have had written. We were sending messages to each others for two months before we met in person, but when we started dating I felt disappointed at her because she was not the person I thought she was. What happens is that I never was attracted to her physically. I consider myself a lesbian because I like women but I am not physically attracted to them, I meant just by romance. I wonder if you can be lesbian without sexual attraction or this is a matter of time. I do not see myself in the future with a man but with a girl. I do not know what it will happen because I just want romance and no sexual relationship. Please give me advice I am still confused.

Telling my friend I like her changed our relationship, but I still have feelings for her

Okay so i like my best friend, but shes straight and I'm gay. I've liked her for a year and a half and the first time I told her it ruined our whole friendship for a month.. and ever since it hasn't been the same. I don't know how to get over my feelings for her, and I really don't think its just another stage. The last time I liked her I used to have dreams about her and then I told her and she took pictures of herself for me.. I really like her but I don't want to ruin our friendship. So what should I do?

Is she unconsciously sending me a sign with her body language?

Hello, A complicated situation but to get to the point - I have a boyfriend of 2 years, however I have feelings for a girl in my class (I am a girl) I think she does give me some body language signals from what I have read up on in books she seems to do, for example unconsciously point at me with a body part from across the class and I see here staring directly at me for about 5 seconds sometimes with a wide smile other times just staring, (I try not to stare at her) however this could just be me interpreting this all wrong? On the way back from college, we speak on the bus and she doesn't say direct things that would insinuate she likes me too but she does smile a lot and look at my eyes and lips for longer than usual people would. I just don't know whether to tell her at the end of college in 3-4months time how I feel? Other than my boyfriend I don't fancy any other boys although I have had a crush or 2 on other girls but not as strong as I feel for this one girl Please help