I’m unable to reach orgasm… what should I do?

Hey! First of all this is a super website and i'd like to thank you for making it accessible to all. My question is pretty embarrassing but i don't have anyone else to ask to and i'm kind of worried. Since ever i started masturbating a few years ago, i always used the shower head on my clitoris to reach an orgasm because i didn't have to directly touch my private parts or else i would be really uncomfortable. But the problem is that now whenever i feel a bit better and i try to only stroke my clitoris that got to 1 inch after my last growth spurt, it turns me on but only very slightly and i clearly can't reach orgasm. I have a high sex drive so this is frustrating. I'm worried that when I finally get to take testosterone to help with my transition, my clitoris will grow but my sexual desires and sensations won't change and i'll never be able to get an orgasm just by touching myself. Do you think I should be worried and go see a doctor? Thanks a lot!

I have a testosterone problem, how concerned should I be ?

I have always had gender dysphoria to a large extent and have many anomalies from VATER Association. I had my testosterone levels checked in June of 2009 (bioavailable...the better test) and on a scale of 47 - 244 I was at 77. I had it checked in June of this year and it had dropped down to 46. I was started on testosterone replacement therapy 8 weeks ago and I was tested yesterday and now I am down to 28. How concerned should I be? Does this indicate a problem with my pituitary gland?

I want to get therapy to turn straight!

Hi, I am a do i change my sexual feelings to have sex with women.Is there any treatment to get out of gay to straight.I want to marry a girl and have childrens. Is it possible with any therapies. can you please answer me as soon as possible.I will be very much thankful to you if you suggest me good solution for this. Nowadays i am tensed. could you please help me on this? Thanks Firoz

How long must I live as a woman before I can be administered hormones for my transition?

hi, i was wondering if you have to live as a woman for so long before you could take female hormones? or can you take the hormones at the same time as your living full time as a woman?? or would the therapist tell me i have to live as a woman full time first before i can start the hormone treatment? please help me as im not sure what to expect .... nalaliee .

I had a traumatic experience with a man. Now I am scared to be Muslim AND gay.

Hey! I've been put through so many difficult times in my teenage years. Even though i'm still a teenager, I feel as though i've lost my true identity. I am a Muslim and i'm very proud to be, even though the world has degraded my religion in many terrorist aspects. I'm very close to my religion and don't want to lose it. But two years ago *when i was 16* I had a secret boyfriend, to which he was 20 at the time. He took advantage of me in all sexual aspects and basically destroyed my mental and physical wellbeing. I ended up telling my parents as i collapsed one night from everything that he did to me. I eventually exposed the truth of me being 'gay'. Ever since then my family has tried to convince me that i am not. I've even lied about the truth to them saying that 'i was young and dumb and i've moved on', only to get them off my back. I am attracted to men, and only value women as 'friends'. I'm seriously scared. I pray to God that he will assist me through this. But hope is fading.