Can I be labeled a girl or a boy or something in between?

Lately I've wondered if I would be happier as a boy. I don't hate my female body parts, I don't mind my breasts, though I think they look better in other people. I don't feel "trapped in the wrong body", but it isn't right either. I also have trouble with my sexuality, I am not turned on by anything but male gay porn, and feminine men. I am not boyish at all, and like feminine clothes, all except skirts. Am I transgendered? Should I be a boy? I don't think I would be a "boy", as in the stereotypical type, I am much more like a girl in that way. But sometimes I wish I was a gay boy. I wish people would ask me: "Elisa, what would have happened if you were born a boy?" I only have female friends, I am comfortable around them, and not attracted to them, I hate having periods, and I envy boys in some ways, yet I can tell women have it better in others. Can I be labeled as "girl" or "boy"? Am I something in between? Help, please!

Should I ask her if she’s bisexual?

I'm a girl and I think this girl I've only known for three months likes me. I have classes with her and I would often see her staring at me and if I look back at her, she would break the contact and I think she only does this because she's shy. Sometimes, she would walk around me dreamily and I don't know if she really does this with her other friends. Then, just recently, I was sitting on my desk and she walked up to me and she suddenly held my hand and I thought she was finally gonna tell me that she likes me but she didn't. Apparently, she was showing a friend her technique on arm wrestling. What confused me more was why was it me that she had do that arm wrestling technique with when she had friends sitting near her desk. I admit liking the touch of her hand. I don't know if she's bisexual too, like me, because her crushes are mainly guys (celebrity guys). What should I do? Should I ask her?

How can I tell my mom I’m transsexual while I’m still young?

I want to come out to my mother as a transsexual. She knows I'm bisexual, but she's still doing the "it's just a phase" thing. Other than that, she seemed open enough about it, and overall accepts my sexuality. I want to tell her about this now, while I'm still young. I'm not sure if she'll be supportive. How can I tell her in a way that'll be easy for her, and maybe encourage her to support my decision?

I want to tell them that I am bisexual, but I don’t want my team to hate me…

so i'm about to start my second year of college in the fall and am on a club football team. i just recently came out to a few people that i'm bi and want to tell others next semester. the only problem is i don't want the team to hate me for being bi. what do you think i should do? i told the team president in private. he was extremely supportive, but advised me to not tell anyone and promised not to say anything.

If she doesn’t like me, why does she make out with me?

K I have this best friend we have been friends for a year and a half and I have liked her a year into it. I told her I liked her and she says she doesn't but she Will kiss me, make out with me, and hold my hand and lay on me and she will let me hold her. But everytime I ask her she says sorry no I don't like you. I'm so confused does she like me? She knows I like her but when I say I like you she stays away but when I say I don't like you she attacks me in a very sexual way and basically f's me. What should I do?

I reject the male label but am I transsexual?

I've been having many questions about my gender identity and I was hoping for your team's opinion (Obviously, I should talk to an actual therapist too). Even since the beginning of high school (I'm in my first year of college) I've become increasingly feminine, from growing my hair out, to wearing eyeliner and colorful nail polish, even wearing female clothing because I liked the look and feel in a non-erotic way, and I enjoy a more girlish nature. I've never hated my gender, and I always enjoyed boyish games at a young age. In fact it wasn't until the beginning of high school that I had showed signs. I did not know of transsexualism then, but I went through a period where I rejected the label male. I think that it's more than possible that I'm transsexual, but that I reject it because I'm deeply in love with a girl. Is it possible that I'm transsexual? If so, is it possible that I'm holding myself back for the reason stated and that it might be sorted out if I talk to her?

I am no longer attracted to my partner and I want an open relationship

I have been in a long term relationship of close to 10 years. My partner and I live together and I do love her a lot. It's just I am no longer attracted to her and have no desire to have a sexual relationship with her. However, I am a highly sexed person and have strong romantic/sexual urges for other women. I have spoken to her about this issue and felt that the best way to approach our relationship without breaking up is to have an open relationship. She feels threatened and frightened about the change and is not interested. I feel that I don't necessarily equate love and lust together wheareas she does. We are both very different types which is evident in our astrological signs, she is Capricorn and I am Aries. What do you advise?

I don’t want to use my friend to experiment on when I’ve always been straigth until now.

So I have this friend and shes bi. I have never had feelings for a girl I'm completely straight. But I find myself thinking about her often. I mean shes very flirty with me. I'm a flirty person guys and girls i always have been. I think im starting to have feelings for her more than a friend. Ive never had feelings for a girl before. I had the urge to kiss her today. I don't really know what to do I don't want to harm our friendship. And if something happens between us and i decide i like being with guys better it will turn out bad i don't want to use my feelings as an experiment! omg plz help

My Christian friend is against homosexuality. I think I’m in love with her, should I tell her?

Let me first say that I'm still unsure about my sexuality, which makes this even more confusing to me. My best friend is a girl, Christian, who's made it clear that she doesn't agree with homosexuality. But she's so beautiful and amazing, I fantasize about her and love to put my arm around her and hug her, I just wish she knew sometimes how much I mean it when I tell her I love her. I've known her for four years now, and we've gotten very close. She even thinks of me as a sister. I know that she'd never date me or anything, although I wish I could just have one day with her, but should I tell her how I feel? I'm scared that since she doesn't agree with homosexuality she'd get scared and I really don't want to lose her as the close friend she's become.