Je suis musulmane et possiblement bisexuelle, mais j’ai vraiment peur d’être homo!

Salut! J'ai 14 ans , je suis algerienne , Je suis musulmanes biensur , Mais j'ai des attirance envers les filles , Mais au débuts j'avais que des attirance envers les gars , mais mnt genre j'ai plus envie de mecs , et en meme temps je veut pas vivre avec une femme, Puisque c completement impossible , part apport à ma réligion, je veut me mariée , vivre avec un homme,une vie Hétéro voila , Mais je me doute de mon attirance , Puisque j'éprouve des attirances sexuel , donc suis je Bi ? J'ai fais plusieur test , me confirme que je suis Bi , Cela me pose aucun problemme , mais j'ai vrm peur que je soit homos , Donc j'ai besoin d'aide , je peux pas parler à personnes d'autre que vous, - Suis je Bi ? ----- Merciii à vous tous (: ( Désolée pour les fautes d'Orthographes , Et pour les Abréviations (: )

I had a traumatic experience with a man. Now I am scared to be Muslim AND gay.

Hey! I've been put through so many difficult times in my teenage years. Even though i'm still a teenager, I feel as though i've lost my true identity. I am a Muslim and i'm very proud to be, even though the world has degraded my religion in many terrorist aspects. I'm very close to my religion and don't want to lose it. But two years ago *when i was 16* I had a secret boyfriend, to which he was 20 at the time. He took advantage of me in all sexual aspects and basically destroyed my mental and physical wellbeing. I ended up telling my parents as i collapsed one night from everything that he did to me. I eventually exposed the truth of me being 'gay'. Ever since then my family has tried to convince me that i am not. I've even lied about the truth to them saying that 'i was young and dumb and i've moved on', only to get them off my back. I am attracted to men, and only value women as 'friends'. I'm seriously scared. I pray to God that he will assist me through this. But hope is fading.