My husband is trans – I feel like he was dishonest from the start

My husband of 29 years announced today that he wanted to start taking hormones. That he would grow small breasts and his voice would change a bit. That he would have to have his penis removed---as it would shrivel up because of the hormones. First of all---is that true? I am at a loss. I only knew that he liked on ocasion to wear women's shoes---when we got married. It has escalated from there. He has has several affairs---he says only mentally---but I am not certain. I have tried to give him the benefit of the doubt---but I am not comfortable with his recent announcement. I do not wish to live as a lesbian---first of all because I have wishes and desires that will not be met. Also if my job gets wind of this---they will look for anything possible to get rid of me. There has really been no discussion of this---he refuses. He says that it is totally his decision and he does not care what I have to say or think about it. I feel like he was not honest with me from the start...

I am no longer attracted to my partner and I want an open relationship

I have been in a long term relationship of close to 10 years. My partner and I live together and I do love her a lot. It's just I am no longer attracted to her and have no desire to have a sexual relationship with her. However, I am a highly sexed person and have strong romantic/sexual urges for other women. I have spoken to her about this issue and felt that the best way to approach our relationship without breaking up is to have an open relationship. She feels threatened and frightened about the change and is not interested. I feel that I don't necessarily equate love and lust together wheareas she does. We are both very different types which is evident in our astrological signs, she is Capricorn and I am Aries. What do you advise?

I want to get castrated, my sex drive is too high.

Hi. I am an 18 year old in Britain, thinking about getting castrated. I am not a transgender, and am comfortable with my masculinity; this is an issue of sex drive. Forgive the pun, but mine's a bit nuts. Put simply, I'm the odd position of finding masturbation / sex-for-pleasure pointless / ungratifying and even somewhat irritating, but have what I think is an unusually strong sex drive. I usually masturbate twice a day, and any attempts to 'stop' or 'resist' usually fail. Those that don't require near constant, conscious effort to achieve. Being stuck in this contradiction is driving me crazy. I realize I'm probably an odd case here, but if there's any advice that can be given, it would be appreciated. I am aware of the long term effects of castration and find them positive, but I'd like to keep it hidden from my parents and am not sure where to go for the operation, or if I should. As I'm still 18, is it likely my sex drive is a result of abnormal hormone production

Making out with my lesbian friend who has a girlfriend

I am a 16 year old male and I love a lesbian. She is 15. She has a Girlfriend for about 3 months now. She has not all ways been a lesbian but I respect her decision and I love her very much. I have not met her girlfriend yet because she lives in a different state. At one point she dated my best friend, a guy before she dated this girl. She was raped at the age of 12 by a probably 30 year old man. She said I am amazing guy and if she was into guys she would date me. One night about a week ago she spent the night at my house. We played around a little. We flirted, cuddled, kissed, necked and I sucked on her nipple and rubbed her down there. After that we felt guilty because she is still dating her girlfriend. She told me to just forget about what happened that night. I'm wondering she is like truly a lesbian. I am also wonder if me and her can ever be in a relationship.

I am a lesbian in love with a guy… is that possible ?

okay so I identify as a lesbian but im in love with a guy... hes the only guy i have ever loved .... and i do not identify as a bisexual.... other than this guy I find all other men disgusting and always have.... is it possible to be a lesbian that has fallen in love with a guy or am i bisexual?

My sperm is sometimes transparent; does this mean I am infertile?

I have noticed that my sperm is sometimes clear, almost transparent. I have been on risperidone consta injection for 6 months: is this to be expected with this medication? My partner and I are trying to have a baby; does the colour of my sperm indicate that I am infertile?

My parents won’t let me date before I turn 15

This is Katie again...the one who asked how come my boyfriend doesn't treat me like his other girlfriends. Your answer helped me a lot. He was my first kiss and the first guy I've held hands with...I really like him a lot...but something has come up... I'm turning 15 in a 2 months. My parents won't allow me to date until I turn 15 and even then we can't go to the movies or anything until a couple months after he has been to my house and hanged out with my parents and family. My sister found out today that I've been dating him for over a month now. She says I have to break up with him until I turn 15 and he is allowed to date other girls in the meantime. I'm crying about it because he is the only guy that I've dated that I've liked this much before. I'm scared that if I tell him this, he will soon move on and find another girl and by the time I do get to date it will be too late. I just don't want to let him go this way.I care about him way too much for this..What can I do? Josh is the only guy I've liked this much.