Being gay: it’s a crime

Being suffering since am gay and being a gay in arab world it's a crime which allow the authorities to put u in jail for years. i hope to find any one who can help and relocate me to another country.

Where can I marry my same-sex partner ? I live in Ohio !

As a young adult, having been with my boyfriend openly and accepted by my family and friends for more than 2 years now, I feel as though we're both ready to take our relationship to a 'promissory' level, and have some sort of commitment ceremony. I live in Ohio, and there is next to nothing that is 'legally' recognized, however, I would more than love for a ceremony of some kind to take place, even if it's not recognized legally. What are my options, and where should I go from here? Thank you for your time!

Can I marry my partner so that we can live together in Canada?

I am 43. I come from Chile and I am an English teacher and a permanent resident since May 2007. My partner is 28 and he is still in Chile. We want to marry here in Canada and live together as a family... Is that possible? If so, is there any risk of losing my permanent residence for trying to do so? If I marry him, can he live here with me? What are the formalities before and after the marriage? My family doesn't know I am gay and I need to know if, by us marrying, anybody will come to our house to check that we are a "real couple". Could you send me legal information or address of any institution that could give me advice on how I have to do it? If for some reason the answer isn't positive, can my boyfriend come as a visitor and marry me in Montreal after his arrival? Sorry for all these questions BUT we love each other very much. Thanks a lot. Juan