Does my teacher have the right to disclose my sexual orientation to my father?

Hi, my name is Catherine. About 6 months ago, I came out as having feelings for girls, and there was this girl who I really liked and she told me she liked me as well : we have now been together for about 5 months now. However, the problem is that many people at my school found out about our relationship, though they are fine with it now. Another problem is that I go to boarding school and my housemistress found out, and now she seems to be picking on me and the other girl and threatening to tell my father who is against anything like that. I wanted to know if she has the right to do that?

Equal Marriage: It’s Time to Speak Up & Be Heard!

The equal marriage legislation proposed by the federal government, which extends marriage and its associated rights to same-sex couples while protecting the freedom of religion, is in serious jeopardy due to a virulent campaign led by groups against equal marriage. It is about time to speak up and be heard. We've got to turn the tide soon if we are to avoid disaster.