I have a testosterone problem, how concerned should I be ?

I have always had gender dysphoria to a large extent and have many anomalies from VATER Association. I had my testosterone levels checked in June of 2009 (bioavailable...the better test) and on a scale of 47 - 244 I was at 77. I had it checked in June of this year and it had dropped down to 46. I was started on testosterone replacement therapy 8 weeks ago and I was tested yesterday and now I am down to 28. How concerned should I be? Does this indicate a problem with my pituitary gland?

Why does religion condemn homosexuality?

Hello I'm Farhan, from Pakistan.... I am not confused at all but I want to ask this very important question: if homosexuality is prohibited in our religion (Islam) and in other religions also, why has God given us such a characteristic for which we feel ashamed throughout our life? You said homosexuality is not curable, but why is our religion predicting punishment for us on doom's day? Another thing I want to ask about: I am bisexual and I feel attraction towards men but I am not ashamed by it. What makes me uncomfortable is that I don't feel that much attraction towards girls..... I want to remain bisexual and not become gay.... Can you help me regarding these two questions... I shall be very thankful...

I have had irregular periods for a year

I have been having trouble with my periods for the last year - I am 34 and seem to be showing some signs of menopause - this month I had a particularly bad period which I thought had finished on saturday and had no flow for about 24 hrs and then a small flood of hot translucent brown liquid which carried on for a few hours and then nothing again. It happened again today to a lesser degree. I had some blood tests done about 6 months ago and the doctor said all was normal - no infection - no hormone drop - can anyone give me any insight into this - it is unlikely to be an std - I have not been active for about a year!

I am unsure of my gender identity

I am unsure of my gender identity. I have always felt more feminine than masculine and I used to crossdress. After a while I stopped and I haven't dressed in female clothes or worn makeup in many months but in the back of my mind I think I really do want to be feminine, every day, all day. All of my friends are girls and I feel most of the time like I'm just one of the girls. Are these symptoms of transsexuality or is could I just be a crossdresser? And would you recommend I talk to a professional about my feelings?

Piercings and STD transmission


I have two questions. The first is I have been kissing a guy that recently got a tongue ring (2 weeks before I met him. Wet kissing was involved with much saliva exchange. Also I got my ears pierced about a month ago. He also kissed and licked/sucked my ear lobes, which are not completely healed up. What is the possibility of getting HIV from these sort of activites? Please let me know as I have found no information about piercings and open skin or kissing.

Thanks a bunch!