Je suis amoureuse de ma meilleure amie, mais elle est hétérosexuelle…

Il y a quel que jours je savais pas si j'étais bisexuelle et maintenent oui je suis tomber amoureuse de ma meilleure amie et elle est hétérosexuel quand je la vois j'ai des papillon dans le ventre et je rougie je l'évite depuis un moment et je sais plus quoi faire je devrais tu lui avouer pour apres me faire dire quel ressent pas la même chose que moi ou je devrais garder ca pour moi ?

I’ve never had a crush… am I a lesbian?

I don't think I've ever had a crush. When I look at guys I really don't feel anything and when I look at girls I do notice if they're attractive or whatever. I mean I can tell when boys are attractive and stuff but I've never been attracted to one. With my friend we do nose kisses and then I can't stop thinking about kissing or how we could kiss right then. Does that mean I'm lesbian. My stomach fluttered a little when she held my hand. My mom was talking about being lesbian but the way she was saying stuff made me feel like she thought I was lesbian. Am I just thinking I'm lesbian because my mom thinks I am? I just really need some help figuring out all of my confusing feelings.

I get more excited about women, but would prefer to have a boyfriend

About a year ago, I began to be attracted to gay men, in looks and stereotypical personalities, and watching them "do stuff" turns me on. I became sort of obsessed with the gay community and started watching logo, reading gay books, etc, and standing up for gay rights whenever it's mentioned. I thought I was a little weird, but still considered myself straight, just something of a "fag-hag". But, lately, I've found myself more attracted to women than guys. When I think of women, I tend to get more excited than I do with men, but I like the idea of a bf more than a gf. I feel like a total hypocrite saying this, but I'm terrified of the thought that I might be a lesbian. I've always hidden my "gay obsession" from my dad because I know how he'd react, but my mom knows and she asked me once if I was a lesbian and I gave her a definite "no". I feel like I'd be betraying her if I decided I was. I'm very shy and have never had a boyfriend, crush, or male friend since I was 7. What do (...)

I hate love and dating – they’re boring!

Dear Expert, I have a question. My question is it weird to hate dating and falling in love or being in love? I hate dating and love. I think it's waste of time being in love. I think it is very boring to fall in love. I'm not bisexual. I didn't tell anyone how I feel. But it is weird to hate love or dating?

Though we fight a lot and he seems to have a lover, I have feelings for him.

I have feelings for someone and I think I'm completely in love with this person. We are both good looking men, the only problem is we do fight a lot. I think I'm in love for the first time but this person confuses me a lot. We have never been intimate and i do get this feeling he has someone, his brother in law works with me and confirmed that he doesn't have anyone.I do work for a security firm in South Africa and asked him if he does have a Alarm system with us, seeing that I do have access to all clients i did my own search and came up with his residence but came across his boyfriends details.I saw a picture of him and this person on the internet hanging around a night club in Johannesburg. I did ask him about it and he was upset, his boyfriend told everyone on facebook that they going through a rough patch. He told me to leave him alone but now and then I do receive an sms or e-mail from him.@ times he will even dial my extension number to speak to his brother in-law. confused.