Am I bi? I like a girl on Facebook who dresses like a guy!

i know a girl from FB, she's pretty but she's dress-up like a dude... hen i saw her at the first time i can feel my heart beat fast and my face blushing, like: " OMG... She's so cute..." and everyday i always thinking of her.. but, when i know she's already in a relationship, i feel sad very very disappointed, but im only interested with a very tomboy or butch girl, but i still thinking boys are cute.... Am I BI? Why? can someone straight turn into BI after they're boyfriend hurting and dumped them?

I’m scared to reveal my bisexuality

Hey I am 15 and I am in year 8 at high school I am scared to tell my friends who I am. I am actually bisexual and I really won't to tell them but I am afraid that they will look at me in different way and be disgusted at me and won't to be near me anymore and I have been hiding this for a while and I don't won't to keep it bottled up what should I do ???? =[

Do my dreams mean I am bi?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've always thought that i was 100% straight but now I'm not so sure. I keep having these dream occasionally about girls. It never goes a lot further than kissing but I'm still really confused. Its usually a girl that I think is really pretty or an upperclassman that I admire in a way. I'm really confused because my last dream was about a girl on my school track team[which is pretty small], and now when i go to practice, i see her and feel weird. I don't know what to say to her and all I can think about is the dream. It is like on a projector in my mind and plays continuously. The team is pretty close though, so its not like i can just avoid her. How should i handle this situation? Do these dreams mean that I'm bi? I'm also kind of scared because if I am i don't know how to deal with it if I somehow am... I don't think my family would really get it and I'd be wicked scared to tell my friends. Help Please! I'm not sure how to deal...

Images of my father haunt me during sex

I have never been molested or raped to my recollection which is a big reason why I feel so lost with my situation. At times during sex I see my father instead of my partner it disgusts me and I cant continue. My father has no way ever touched me in a sexual way so I don't know where these thoughts are coming from. It has become more of a problem in the last year. My dad pops in my head during any type of sexual activity. I don't know what to do or where to go to get help and how to fix this because it is starting to really affect my life. It feels like im getting haunted almost because the thoughts just pop outta no where it disturbs me to a great extent any advice would be greatly welcomed.

I feel I’ve wronged my parents by being gay

I am gay and I feel as if I've seriously wronged my parents. I never had any religious issues surrounding my self acceptance. Though I always felt that I should forget that I am gay, at least for a few years until I am financially independent. My parents are too conservative. They don't even expect me to date a guy before I marry...so, dating a girl and living with her, especially when homosexuality is illegal here and the society so rigidly patriarchal...they would think that its more of a mistake that should be corrected. And, right now I feel so unsure about my own life, both personally and professionally, that it grips me in guilt. I know that my parents have done so much for me, and by being gay, I've already put aside many of their expectations. I work really hard at my academics, but if my score falls below their hopes from me, that makes me feel twice as bad. I want to focus on what's important for me, but I don't know how to get my mind off all this?

Why do I find men SO physically unappealing?

I am soon to be 45 and I am self-identified as a lesbian. The reason I have decided that I am a lesbian is because I don't like male biology---from the daily smegma accumulations, to the viscuous, invasive fluids, hard bodies, to the rather cold and analytical manner of relating to others which is governed by testosterone.. Don't get me wrong. I don't hate men. I just can't embrace our differences to like them romantically. My question is, and if you could give this answer more insight than you think I am asking for....; If you could tell me why heterosexual women like these (in my estimation) unappealing attributes.

Can I trust my feelings regarding my sexual preferences?

Ok, I know I'm a lesbian and I want to come out. But I can't. Not just because I fear rejection but because I'm worried that I'm wrong. I've got this fear that I'll tell my parents I'm gay and then I'll discover I'm straight. I also worry that I chose to be gay. I only got my first crush on a girl recently and only had crushes on boys in primary school. It seems ridiculous to me that I chose it - I have never been sexually attracted to a guy and the way I feel about this girl is unlike anything I have felt before. There are things that indicate I was always this way, such as dumping boys for no reason in primary school and hating kissing or holding hands with boys. And I guess in high school, I realized I never really felt like I was straight. But despite how obvious it is to me that I'm gay, I feel like I could still be wrong. Could this be because of the way I've been brought up/society influences etc? Or maybe I just can't accept it/trust my feelings?

I had an abortion for my boyfriend, and now he tells me he does not love me anymore

I have been with my boyfriend for one and a half year. Recently, he has changed so much, and he's no longer the guy I once fell for. Last year, I aborted our baby because he told me that he didn't want to be tied down. After what happened, he started to refrain from making love to me by using his religion as an excuse all of a sudden so that he doesn't have to deal with the responsibility for getting me pregnant again. Now, he acts secretively as though he has someone else in his life. He used to be very loving towards me. I thought that he would appreciate & cherish me more after what happened. I even agreed not to mention anything about marriage as he has no intention to settle down. He treats me nicely when he's in the mood but he also hurts me and treats me like badly most of the time, especially when he is asking me why am I still upset over an aborted baby. Yesterday, he told me that he doesn't love me anymore. How can I make him love me again?