I want to be a boy, but I don’t want my parents to throw me out!

So my problem is this: I want to be a boy. But my mom and dad seem to be completely disgusted by gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transexuals. I've tried to give them hints. Even though I hang out with mostly girls, a have a few guy friends who don't care that I'm biologically female. I've even told my parents I want to be a boy! All my parents said was that it was just a phase. They may be right, because I've only been feeling this way for a few years. But puberty hit and now I think I'm depressed. I don't want to talk to anyone so I stay in my room where I can live as a boy. Well, I have an idea of what I should do, but I can't support myself if my parents decide to throw me out. Thanks for your time.