My boyfriend is bisexuel, I am insecure that I will not completely satisfy him…

I've been with my boyfriend for a year and a half now and about 5 months ago he told me he was bisexual. Since then every time we have sex or during masturbation I fantasize about hi m with other men. But the down side is I'm now insecure about whether or not I can completely satisfy him sexually. Help! I'm so confused! Are these feelings normal? I'm so torn about these conflicting feelings!!

Faire l’amour dès le premier soir ou non, là est la question!

Lors d'un premier rendez-vous, devrait-on coucher avec notre date dès le premier soir ou non? C'est l'une des questions épineuses qui ont été soulevées récemment lors d'une soirée de discussion animée par l'organisme Jeunesse Lambda, portant sur les one night et les dates.

My boyfriend is acting weird, I think he is sleeping with men and women

i been with my boyfriend for 5 years, since we started dating he acted weird. he would not let me touch him or kiss him unless he's really sexually stimulated. a few months ago we had a three some with another man( yes a man) and since than everytime we are having sex all he does is talk about the man's cock it really bothers me and i told him that it had just been a fantasy,he's fantasy and to leave it alone but he won't stop talking about it and i know just by the thought of it it excites him. a few days ago i was (yes) snooping on his computer and i found out he has been answering to mans adds on the internet for one night stands. i haven't confronted him but i don't know what to do. i love him and its hurting me of just thinking that i'm going to loose him but i really need to know. something is telling me that he is sleeping around with man and woman also but i just don't know how to approach the situation. HELP!

I want to explore freely without labelling myself…

Hi! I've been attracted to both guys and girls for years now, but out of fear I've kept the homosexual side hidden. Right now I find myself in the weird position of having many female friends with whom the possibility for a relationship is there, but I'm more curious than ever about exploring with a guy. I can't think of any "safe" way to do this. Can you advise me on ways to meet other bisexual guys without making a big coming out declaration to my family and friends? I guess I want to explore these relationships freely without being labelled. Thank you!! :D


The times they are a-changin’

We've come a long way, Baby. Thirty-five years ago, the struggle for gay rights exploded into action with a single event. The series of events, which sparked five consecutive days of protests, have become known as the Stonewall Riots. They were the beginning of the modern gay pride movement. The struggle for gay rights has never seen as much media attention as we're receiving these days.

Don’t miss this unique concert on March 6th!

Artefact cordially invites you to a unique benefit concert event, in collaboration with AlterHeros, on Saturday March 6th at 8pm at the Théâtre National, located at 1220 rue Sainte-Catherine Est, in Montreal, Québec. As part of the program for this colourful night, young artists will create the acoustic ambiance of "Franc Café" presenting original songs, music, poems and choreography. Don't miss this event!


From Blood Red to Noble Purple

The muggy air embraced them as they stepped beyond the clamourous din of the club; the rhythm of the music continued from somewhere behind them as they stumbled toward the road. Around them, clouds of cigarette smoke looped in strands and swirls like the silky ribbons on a young girl's new Sunday dress: innocent and elegant in their light-hearted parade. The scent of newly-lit weed accompanied the tobacco's stale odour, mingling and blending with the smell of alcohol.


The Unbearable Secret

Considering it was my first time in a gay bar, I was totally shy that night. I basically planted myself under the DJ booth and glued my ass to the wall, not moving from that spot, which had a perfect view of the dance floor, for at least two hours. I just stood there. I couldn't muster enough courage to dance, let alone walk around. And then I saw him…..