Mon partenaire a vécu des expériences avec des hommes, mais il n’avoue pas sa bisexualité!

Bonjour, mon compagnon a eu des expériences avec d’autres hommes et m’affirme qu’il est hétéro. Il l’a mentionné […]

Mon partenaire a vécu des expériences avec des hommes, mais il n’avoue pas sa bisexualité!

Bonjour, mon compagnon a eu des expériences avec d'autres hommes et m'affirme qu'il est hétéro. Il l'a mentionné au cours d'un diner entre amis Je me sens trahie après 3 ans de vie commune car nous discutions bcp a ce sujet pour respecter nos désirs différents lui tres débridé et moi traditionnelle. Il maintien qu'il n'est pas bisexuel car il n'a pas reçu de pénétration, qu'il ne voulait pas m'en parlé a cause de ma réaction et que ce ne sont que des expériences. Est il possible d'avoir ce genre d'expérience sans être bisexuel? Le partenaire de vie n'a t'il pas le droit de savoir? Le fait d'avoir des relations avec des hommes dans un recherche de plaisir egoiste sans se dire attiré par les hommes, peut iletre considere comme perversion? Est ce mal de ne pas vouloir s'engager avec qq a cause de pratiques sexuelles différentes? Je préfèrerais qu'il m'avoUE être bisexuel pour que nous puissons en discuter et qu'il m'aide a accepter plutot que de dire l'apprendre de cette forme. Merci

If I’m a lesbian, do I have to have sexual attraction to women? I just want romance!

I am 19 years old, and I came out to my parents as a lesbian, because after dating a girl I discovered I like women. But I broke up this girl because she wanted to kiss me and when she touched me I did not feel anything. What happens is that I contacted this girl online and I felt in love after I read something she have had written. We were sending messages to each others for two months before we met in person, but when we started dating I felt disappointed at her because she was not the person I thought she was. What happens is that I never was attracted to her physically. I consider myself a lesbian because I like women but I am not physically attracted to them, I meant just by romance. I wonder if you can be lesbian without sexual attraction or this is a matter of time. I do not see myself in the future with a man but with a girl. I do not know what it will happen because I just want romance and no sexual relationship. Please give me advice I am still confused.

My boyfriend won’t stop masturbating with online men!

I am in a long term relationship.I am a 41yr old female and my boyfriend is 36. We met on the internet ( yahoo messenger) and through the years, I had heard several rumors about my boyfriend masturbating with other men. I took it as just rumors and people being hurtful and wanting to cause trouble. I did some checking around and found out it was true. I confronted him and he lied to me about it. Once our relationship took on a serious not I decided to confront him again and tell him that I knew he was masturbating online with other men. After denial and a very heated discussion. He was truthful.He tells me he is not bi or interested in being with a man but he is sexually aroused watching men masturbate.He has told me that he will stop but it hasn't he will wait till I am not around and immediately seek out pictures of men. This has caused me great concern. Am I over reacting and making a big issue out of something that is normal for a straight man to do ?

I snooped in my boyfriend’s phone – is he cheating?

I did something I promised I would never do and looked at my boyfriend's phone. He had been exchanging texts with a man that lives about an hour away sexually detailed accounts of what they are going to do with one another when they meet again. He knows that I am a very sexually open woman so I'm shocked that he hasn't brought it up. We've discussed having an open relationship twice in the past and he said no way. I have suspected this for some time and I guess that's why I went into his phone. The question is, what now? How do I bring it up without breaking his trust by admitting to looking at his phone? I have no problem with him being bisexual though I do have a problem if he's cheating. Thank you all for your guidance. Jessica

I am no longer attracted to my partner and I want an open relationship

I have been in a long term relationship of close to 10 years. My partner and I live together and I do love her a lot. It's just I am no longer attracted to her and have no desire to have a sexual relationship with her. However, I am a highly sexed person and have strong romantic/sexual urges for other women. I have spoken to her about this issue and felt that the best way to approach our relationship without breaking up is to have an open relationship. She feels threatened and frightened about the change and is not interested. I feel that I don't necessarily equate love and lust together wheareas she does. We are both very different types which is evident in our astrological signs, she is Capricorn and I am Aries. What do you advise?

Why can’t I have an orgasm without disturbing fantasies?

I know that it's normal to fantasize about things you wouldn't actually want in real life, but what if these fantasizes are seemingly the only way I can have an orgasm? It's getting in the way of having an orgasm any other way, such as with my girlfriend. To get off, it's like I have to shut everything else out and focus on the fantasy. Tuning into her just doesn't seem to work. And it's not just her. It's everyone else I've ever been with, and it's not from lack of attraction to my sex partners. These fantasies are what I would consider abhorrent otherwise and I can't help but think to myself WHYYY does this do it for me? These fantasies typically involve gang rape by men and extreme humiliation (me being the object of it). And I'm a lesbian! It's ruining my ability to have sexual intimacy with my girlfriend What should I do? My girlfriend is really down on herself because she can't give me an orgasm... Does this require professional help? I CAN'T tell my girlfriend.