C’est tellement plus simple qu’on le croit!

Par où commencer... En fait, j'ai pas l'intention de vous faire tous chier, le but n'est pas, absolument pas, de vous dire « Ha ha! bande de p'tits déprimés, moi ça va super bien ha ha!! » pas du tout... parce que je sais ce que c'est que de mal aller, pourtant, moi, je me suis sortie de ma dépression justement en me rendant compte de mon homosexualité et en tombant amoureuse!

My girlfriend think I’m too clingy.

I'm in the beginning of a relationship with a girl that I really like but I just got a tip from one of her friends that she feels I'm too clingy (which is also the reason my last real relationship ended). I feel my big problem with girls is that if I like them I get too clingy. How do I become less clingy towards a girl and can you please give me some examples to work from because everything I'm reading on the subject doesn't help me unless they tell me different examples and dilemmas. Thanks for the help.

Mon histoire à moi

J'ai finalement décidé de raconter mon histoire. Je ne sais pas pourquoi. Mais la voici. Donc, comme la plupart, au début, j'étais très confuse et je n'étais pas certaine de ce qui se passait et ce que je voulais. Tout est arrivé tellement vite. Je ne m'étais jamais demandé si j'étais attirée par les filles, mais là, je croyais que j'aimais mon amie. Je savais qu'elle était bi et qu'elle m'aimait peut-être, à cause de la façon qu'elle était avec moi. J'étais un peu confuse.

Federal Elections 2006 : Stephen Harper’s great mascarade!

The last federal campaign saw the implosion of the Liberal party and the strong comeback for the Conservative party. After a long 13 year purgatory, this right wing party is finally back to power in Canada. We must not be fooled by the looks of things though. The actual Conservative party has nothing to do with Brian Mulroney's conservatives who governed the country from 1984 to 1993...

The Clock is Ticking for Bill C-38

If you have been following the news over the last few months, you've noticed that there has been a lot of political focus on Bill C-38, the bill that would introduce same-sex marriage to all Canadians. Opponents to the bill, such as the Conservative party under Stephen Harper as well as a few independent MPS including former Liberals, are so desperate to prevent the passing of the Bill that they have taken to using shrewd, and I would argue, dirty politics.

Black & Blue Festival 2003

The BBCM Foundation presents the Black & Blue Festival, an internationally renowned event as well as the largest annual dance party in North America, in Montreal, from October 8 to 14. Some 50 artistic, cultural, sports and social events will mobilize 85 000 people-including tens of thousands of affluent gay tourists from every corner of the globe...