Telling my friend I like her changed our relationship, but I still have feelings for her

Okay so i like my best friend, but shes straight and I'm gay. I've liked her for a year and a half and the first time I told her it ruined our whole friendship for a month.. and ever since it hasn't been the same. I don't know how to get over my feelings for her, and I really don't think its just another stage. The last time I liked her I used to have dreams about her and then I told her and she took pictures of herself for me.. I really like her but I don't want to ruin our friendship. So what should I do?

Did I condition myself to like guys? And help for Christian queers.

So, I have always questioned my sexuality. When I started "self-pleasuring" myself about 3 yrs. ago I only ever thought about girl. When I realized that this wasn't exactly normal, I started forcing my self to thing about guys. So now, I have dated guys, but I don't really feel an emotional attraction to them (only very little). Sexually speaking, the idea of penetration doesn't bother me, but thinking of a penis doesn't really turn me on. With girls, I am very attracted to them physically. So am I bi?... Did I in a way condition myself to like guys all those years ago?...Or am I a lesbian in denial? Also if there is any advice for a gay teenager whose Christian, that would also be very helpful. Thank you <3 Krisy

Limited trans resources in Saskatchewan Canada

I'm a transexual and have been all my life and moved to Saskatchewan when I was 18. I haven't found any kind of support here for transsexuals and I have been alone, completely alone in this, for about 20 years now in Saskatchewan. I am tired of doing this alone and need a support group. Are there any support groups in Sask? I've emailed several groups, including Pflag, and have gotten no response. Is anyone getting my emails? Thanks, Stephen =-)

I don’t want to make the exchange student uncomfortable by disclosing my sexual orientation…

I'm going on an exchange for six months in France, where I'm staying in the home of another girl. We have been chatting about boys and such, and I'm pretty sure soon she is going to ask me about my love life. I'm dating a girl, I am a lesbian, but I don't want to make this girl uncomfortable. She's currently staying at my house and I'm afraid to tell her the truth or she'll get upset.

I feel alienated. How can I meet others in the LGBT community in my country?

I chatted with an online gay friend for a few months and got quite emotionally attached to her till she said she was “tired” of me and wanted to leave. It took me some time to get over it. I have reached out to online LGBT communities within my country but haven't thought about meeting anyone. I don't really have any friends at college. I had to come out to a girl I had a huge crush on and she took it well but avoids talking about it. We do chat and that makes me feel better but, of late, her boyfriend has been sticking around her all the time and she doesn't even notice me. And this guy keeps despising me. I keep feeling like a loser. I can't even stop talking to her. My parents are too conservative. They ask if something has been bothering me and I have no answer. They dont even think that I can have problems in life unrelated to my studies. Homosexuality is illegal here and I feel as if I've got no future. I feel depressed and alienated from everyone. How do I get on with life?

Does my teacher like me? If not why does he stare?

Dear Experts, I don't really know should I write this? But I need advice. But I really need someone to listen me. I'm 15 year old in high school. Something strange happened 2 weeks ago. I was waiting my teacher, and I saw this another teacher, I kept staring at him. His class was right in-front of me and I saw him everyday and I was staring at him all the time. I know this is wrong but I kept staring at him. Five days later, I was waiting my friend in the hallway and that teacher was passing by me and he stared at me two times. The next morning he stared at me like he was embarrassed. The next morning he stared at me like he was attracted by from me. Two days later he was in his classroom and helping his students he stared at me a lot of times. I got so nervous. I actually felt happy about it. I know this teacher shouldn't be doing but I think he something on me. I kind of have feeling for him. I will never talk him or anything like that. Why he stares at me? Thanks so much!!