If I could pass, would my family support me if I decided I was transgender?

I've been crossdressing since 5th grade, in my moms lingerie and other clothes. It started out just out of curiosity, but I couldn't stop. I love it because I do feel feminine which doesn't scare me. I have to admit there is some arousal too. I've also fantasized about being a girl and having sexual relations with another male, but I"m still attracted to girls mostly. I recently became friends with a mtf transgender girl and I find myself speaking more in a feminine tone with her like we were best friends. Depression has really hit me lately. There are times where because of how i feel when i dress as a girl, its no longer just about love of crossdressing, but in truth I like looking in the mirror and it feels right. Am i just a transvestitecrossdresser or should I consider that I might be a woman inside. The last year I've been getting these strong feelings towards being a woman and it only bothers me because I don't know if I could pass and if anybody in my family would support me.

Am I androgynous or transsexual?

I’ve realized that I’m not stereotypically female, and don’t want to be. My vague masculinity and physical appearance have lead people to assuming I’m lesbian. I don’t feel a physical attraction to men or women, and know that I’m pansexual, but I don’t know whether I’m androgynous or not. I feel uncomfortable with my female body, but I’m not completely sure I should be male. I remember wanting to be a boy and believing I should’ve been as a kid. During high school, I felt reluctant to have the mistake the school made as labeling me male fixed. Recently, I’ve had the desire to bind my chest, and feel hesitant whenever I’m asked to identify my sex. When I have to, I want to say I’m male. I want to look masculine and have a flat chest, but not a penis. I don’t desire any kind of surgery beyond having my ovaries removed. I felt relieved learning of androgyny, but now I’m uncertain and scared. Am I really androgynous or actually transsexual?

How can I be in a relationship with a man if I don’t find him sexually attractive?

Hello For all of my life, I have always been attracted to males emotionally and romantically, and have never once thought about being with a woman in that way. However since the age of 11, I have found women very sexually attractive, and only found men sexually attractive in a minor way. So I guess you could say that I am sexually attracted to women, but emotionally attracted to men. This situation is confusing me a lot, and I really do not know what I am going to do in the future. How can I be in a relationship with any man if I do not find them sexually attractive? I know that I am not trying to kid myself about being emotionally attracted to men, I really do love them. At the moment a boy and I are having very strong romantic feelings towards each other, however when the subject of sex comes up it gets awkward. I have a very strong connection with this boy, and the thought of not being able to be with him because of this makes me really upset. Any help is appreciated greatly.

Men: I’m attracted to everything above the waist only

I am somewhat confused at the moment. I have never considered myself a homosexual man, and I still don't. I have never had romantic feelings toward men, but have found myself attracted to them before. Like, I will see someone and find them attractive. However, I'm the same way with women. However, I have had romantic feelings towards them. I am in high school, and have had several crushes throughout my life. I've never actually had a girlfriend, but I'm still a freshman. I have found myself attracted to guys, but I don't want to see their dicks. What I have seen (from movies, porn, whatever) doesn't turn me on, and never has. However, I've been attracted to pretty much everything above the waist. Does that make sense? I'm seriously confused. Am I gay, bisexual, what? I don't feel romantically attracted to guys, but I don't mind when a pyschically fit guy is shirtless or whatever. I don't like the male penis, and would not get on my knees and suck it. I know that's...

Am I gay? And how do I find the right man for me?

I am worried about myself because i think i am gay. I would like to see what it is like giving and receiving a blowjob from another male and i would also like to try gay sex. I do not seem to be interested in females. Am I gay, or is it just a phase that will pass with time? + Jimmy Eddy Homo, 12 years old, United Kingdom (Great Britain) How do i find the man that is right for me?

If I masturbate to gay male porn how can i be emotionally attracted to women?

I masturbate while thinking of men, does that, I'mean I'm gay or bisexual? Hi, My name is jorge and I'm 17. I had always been curious about sex since 14 maybe, and since that I had have masturbate thinking of man and watch sometimes gay porn. However, I had a girlfriend years ago and I always have emotional feelings for women, but sometimes i I feel physically attracted to men, so I question if that means something or not. I don't know what to think, but is difficult to resolve and the though has been in my mind for a while. Any advice?

I might be ftm transexual

Hey This might seem like an odd question. I am currently female and present as female. However, I like women and I am very masculine yet feminine in some ways. I pass as a male at times. I have watched numerous FTM videos on YouTube and am starting to perhaps realise I may be ftm transexual. Being painfully shy I feel restricted and too shy to tell everyone. I would love to live as male but I think I fear transitioning because of family/friends and societys views. I am perceived as a straight female to most people but my family ( who know my ideas of transitioning ). I feel stressed about this. I'm not sure if it's the trapped feeling I feel or the fear of transitioning and my loss of my feeling of being accepted as noone knows. Let me know what you think. Thanks

I am attracted to men sexually, but I go out with women

I have fantasies about men and maturbate while thinking about men on my cross-country team. And I also masturbate while thinking about pictures of naked men I can find on the computer. And I had my penis sucked by one male and I sucked his penis as well. But right after I'm done with everything I still don't lose interest in men. But I do not date men. I only date women. I am attracted to women in terms of going out with them but not sexually. What does this make me? Should I tell the men I want to have sex with the most how I feel or just keep it a secret? Should I ask them to have sex? I am just unsure now because I am attracted to them for different reasons.