J’ai des difficultés à faire confiance à ma conjointe

Bonjour j' ai énormément de mal à faire confiance à ma conjointe, je suis à l' affut du moindre détail car je n' ai pas confiance envers les femmes et je manifeste donc cette peur par le fait d' essayer de la tromper ou d'y penser en permanence. j' ai une libido qui me controle de manière aléatoire et avoir des doutes sur ma conjointe le rend la vie impossible, j' ai un besoin permanent de vérifier son télephone et cela m' est arrivé. j' ai du mal à admettre qu' elle ne puisse rien me cacher. Pourrais je entrer en contact avec vous ?

I’ve never had a crush… am I a lesbian?

I don't think I've ever had a crush. When I look at guys I really don't feel anything and when I look at girls I do notice if they're attractive or whatever. I mean I can tell when boys are attractive and stuff but I've never been attracted to one. With my friend we do nose kisses and then I can't stop thinking about kissing or how we could kiss right then. Does that mean I'm lesbian. My stomach fluttered a little when she held my hand. My mom was talking about being lesbian but the way she was saying stuff made me feel like she thought I was lesbian. Am I just thinking I'm lesbian because my mom thinks I am? I just really need some help figuring out all of my confusing feelings.

I feel more comfortable around women than men. Am I a lesbian?

How do I know if I'm straight and only feel threatened by men because of the experiences,I've seen, of other women at the hands of abusive men? How do I know if I'm genuinely attracted to women and not just because they are non-threatening? I'm a 25 year old female and have never been in a relationship. I've seen many abusive relationships between heterosexual couples, and the idea of being physically intimate with a man scares me. So each time someone expresses interest in me I shut them down. More recently, I've thought that I may be a lesbian because I'm more comfortable around women and spend more time with women than men. The only men that I feel comfortable with are men who have character traits typically associated with women and men that are openly gay. I am very close to my female friends and now feel self-aware when I'm with them because of the possibility of being attracted to them. Is there any way to know if I'm straight, a lesbian or bisexual?

I’m afraid my boyfriend will act out his fantasies.

Hi. I have been in a relationship with my BF for 2 yrs and in the last year have discovered his desire for trannies. (women with penises) He's been watching tranny porn for 8 yrs. and also watches hetero porn, and bdsm porn. (we also have BDSM scenes where I'm the Domme and usually have a strap-on on; which I of course love) I for some reason am uncomfortable with his tranny desires. I think I feel threatened by them and fear I will lose him to a tranny if he acted on his urges/fantasies (which I believe he wants to) We have discussed this and he claims to desire the taboo and doesn't need to act on it. I want to know if I should just let him find a tranny to put his fantasies to reality or just leave it behind a screen? I fear that he will want to act on it eventually anyway but if he does I will want to leave. He also claims he is not bi, but would like a 3some w another guy where he would be "forced" by me to suck the guy off. That sounds bi. Does it mean he is?What do you adv

How do I approach my sister about liking her best friend’s sister?

question #1: hi, I'm in love with my sisters best friends little sister (magan), but my sister doesn't know I'm bi. me and my sister are really close and i want her to no how i feel but she hates the idea of gays and bis. what should i do,(my deepest fear is that she'll be grossed out by me and not be as close anymore) if i cant get her to understand, i don't think ill have the nerve to ask magan to go out with me publicly. and question #2: hi, i no u get this a lot but I'm really not sure what to do.. I'm bi and i really like my friend who is also bi (she knows I'm bi). here's the thing we were drinking with her friend and we ended up fooling around, like all three of us, but i want us to be more than just that, tho I'm not sure she wants that. how do i let her no? please help. to make things worse her big sister and mine are best friends and both of them don't no that we are bi, so it would be bad if we ended up going out.. wouldn't it? please help thanks <3

I get more excited about women, but would prefer to have a boyfriend

About a year ago, I began to be attracted to gay men, in looks and stereotypical personalities, and watching them "do stuff" turns me on. I became sort of obsessed with the gay community and started watching logo, reading gay books, etc, and standing up for gay rights whenever it's mentioned. I thought I was a little weird, but still considered myself straight, just something of a "fag-hag". But, lately, I've found myself more attracted to women than guys. When I think of women, I tend to get more excited than I do with men, but I like the idea of a bf more than a gf. I feel like a total hypocrite saying this, but I'm terrified of the thought that I might be a lesbian. I've always hidden my "gay obsession" from my dad because I know how he'd react, but my mom knows and she asked me once if I was a lesbian and I gave her a definite "no". I feel like I'd be betraying her if I decided I was. I'm very shy and have never had a boyfriend, crush, or male friend since I was 7. What do (...)

Threeway without having sex with the other guy

Hi, I am 18 years old and have suddenly begun to really want a 3 way relationship. Am I crazy? I'm a guy and I want a guy and a girl. I want us all to love eachother and makeout and kiss...etc, but I wouldnt have sex with the guy. We could both be with the girl though. Sort of like in the movie "The Dreamers".

I cheated with a girl. He took me back but am I bi? Lesbian?

Hi, My name is Laura, I'm from Peru. I have a relationship with a boy for about 10 months and lately i cheated him with a girl because i wanted to experiment things with girls,(i told him about that girl that i cheated on, and he said we can get over that so we are still together) i really liked it a lot, but I'm not quite sure if i'm a lesbian? Or am i a bisexual? I told my boyfriend I was a lesbian because i can't stop thinking on girls, and i don't feel the same feeling for boys, and he totally got very sad but he didn't want to break our relationship, neither do i, but i feel atracted to girls. Additional to this, my boyfriend is a little afeminated so i guess when we are in bed i always look at him as a girl, is this normal? Am I a lesbian or a Bi? Thank you for reading my question and I would be really thank you if you reply the soon as possible.

It might be hard for me to trust bisexuals now

Ok, here goes. I am gay and I would hesitate and the idea of dating another bi-sexual female because the last girl I was with for 6 months suddenly told me she wanted a break, this lasted a week and then she text me to tell me it was over. I was so confused because everything was going so well. Initially I asked of her sexual-orientation and she said bi and that I was the first girl she had been with. After dating her for about 5 months she tried to make her male friends feel bad and said " i get more p****y than you". Personally I thought she just wanted me so she could tell everyone that she had dated a female. But now she is 3 months pregnant so basically this happened while I was with her and she didn't have the decency to tell me. She dumped me out of the blue and made me feel like I was in the wrong. I know all bi-sexuals are not like that so I wont make a generalisation but it will be very hard for me to trust a bi-sexual female.