I’m scared to be bullied if I announce I’m transgender

I've had this ever-growing feeling for the past 3 or 4 years that I was born as the wrong gender. However, I do worry a lot about telling people that I want to be a girl. I know my parents love me and most people would not care what my sexuality was. But my bully-worn and wary mind keeps telling me "what if?". I just want to know whether I should bite the bullet and tell them or keep it to myself. I've been pushed to the point of tears because I'm so confused whether I should be honest or not. My question is simple: In this situation, should I tell the truth?

I don’t want to make the same mistake twice !

I have a crush on one of my female friends. She knows I'm gay, I do not what her orientation is. Every time someone else asks her who she likes, or if she's ever liked anyone, she always avoids the question. But like I said, I really like her. I'm wondering whether to tell her or not. Last year, i was in something of the same position, and the other girl freaked when I told her. I DO NOT want to make the same mistake twice. Last year hurt like anything. The other problem is that we're both in the same tight group of friends, and I have a feeling telling her, if the feelings were not mutual, would screw up the whole group. (It would cause a lot of incredibly awkward situations at best.) Do I tell her? If anything, is there a way to inquire her own sexual orientation without being terribly blunt? Friggin' middle school drama.

I’m scared to reveal my bisexuality

Hey I am 15 and I am in year 8 at high school I am scared to tell my friends who I am. I am actually bisexual and I really won't to tell them but I am afraid that they will look at me in different way and be disgusted at me and won't to be near me anymore and I have been hiding this for a while and I don't won't to keep it bottled up what should I do ???? =[

I want to be a boy, but I don’t want my parents to throw me out!

So my problem is this: I want to be a boy. But my mom and dad seem to be completely disgusted by gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transexuals. I've tried to give them hints. Even though I hang out with mostly girls, a have a few guy friends who don't care that I'm biologically female. I've even told my parents I want to be a boy! All my parents said was that it was just a phase. They may be right, because I've only been feeling this way for a few years. But puberty hit and now I think I'm depressed. I don't want to talk to anyone so I stay in my room where I can live as a boy. Well, I have an idea of what I should do, but I can't support myself if my parents decide to throw me out. Thanks for your time.

Does my teacher like me? If not why does he stare?

Dear Experts, I don't really know should I write this? But I need advice. But I really need someone to listen me. I'm 15 year old in high school. Something strange happened 2 weeks ago. I was waiting my teacher, and I saw this another teacher, I kept staring at him. His class was right in-front of me and I saw him everyday and I was staring at him all the time. I know this is wrong but I kept staring at him. Five days later, I was waiting my friend in the hallway and that teacher was passing by me and he stared at me two times. The next morning he stared at me like he was embarrassed. The next morning he stared at me like he was attracted by from me. Two days later he was in his classroom and helping his students he stared at me a lot of times. I got so nervous. I actually felt happy about it. I know this teacher shouldn't be doing but I think he something on me. I kind of have feeling for him. I will never talk him or anything like that. Why he stares at me? Thanks so much!!

If I masturbate to gay male porn how can i be emotionally attracted to women?

I masturbate while thinking of men, does that, I'mean I'm gay or bisexual? Hi, My name is jorge and I'm 17. I had always been curious about sex since 14 maybe, and since that I had have masturbate thinking of man and watch sometimes gay porn. However, I had a girlfriend years ago and I always have emotional feelings for women, but sometimes i I feel physically attracted to men, so I question if that means something or not. I don't know what to think, but is difficult to resolve and the though has been in my mind for a while. Any advice?