J’ai eu des relations sexuelles non protégées. Aie-je contracté le VIH?

Bonjour, mon copain et moi sommes ensemble depuis 1 an nous avons fait pour la première fois une penetration anale sans préservatif, il a déjà fait les test dépistant la présence du VIH , qui ont été négatif il n'avait donc rien. Est ce quand même possible dans ce cas d'avoir un risque de maladie sexuellement transmissible ?

J’ai de la difficulté à dissocier fantasmes et infidélité… je culpabilise énormément!

Bonjour, je suis complètement perdue concernant l'interprétation de mes propres fantasmes et j'espère trouver un peu d'aide ici. Il m'arrive d'imaginer mon copain en train de faire une fellation à un autre homme et cela m'excite beaucoup. Je culpabilise énormément et j'hésite à lui en parler de peur de le vexer (les gays le répugnent).. Surtout qu'à l'inverse, je n'apprécierais pas qu'il fantasme sur le fait de me voir coucher avec une autre femme pour deux raisons: - Pour moi, ce serait comme si une infidélité de ma part (même avec une femme) l'exciterait et je remettrais en question son amour pour moi. - J'aurai extrêmement peur que cette autre femme l'excite, chose qui m'est insupportable. J'ai la sensation de ne pas dissocier fantasme et infidélité, et du coup je culpabilise de mes propres fantasmes jusqu'à me sentir honteuse après m'être masturbée. De plus, je ne comprends pas d'où ce fantasme vient et je me pose beaucoup de questions. Pouvez-vous m'éclairer ? Merci.

[:en]My husband is obsessed with anal penetration and he wants to have a threesome with me and another man! [:]

[:en]I've been married one year and with my spouse for 4 years. He has cross-dressing fetishes which are fine by me. He has not shared this with anyone else, only myself. Wigs, pantyhose, underwear..... It's all ok with me. He also likes anal penetration. Lately it has become an obsession of his. Over the past 8 months we have had problems because he emails and texts other men about his fantasies (that meets via Craigslist) and uses that to stimulate himself while he's dressed and masterbating. We came to agreement that he would not use other people but would allow me to please him. Now he wants to have a 3some with me and another man. I'm not comfortable with that so he just wants to go out and have sex with a man, alone. He says it's fair because he had offered to let me play a part in it. I find it as cheating and being unloyal. Ive offered to play with him just us two but he says it's not the same, it must be a guy. What can I do?[:]

What do I do about these fantasies, about this attraction? Help!

I started having gay feelings when I was 15 and it remained my main sexual orientation despite of having feelings for women from time to time. i have never had a coming out and only few erotic encounters with both women and men but i have never been in a relationship so far. i have two questions that worry me deeply: I have fantasies about having sex with my own father from time to time, nrief fantasies about him nacked that kind of arouse me - which worries me because i think i might have dangerous problems. second i discovered that young boys (8-12) attract me - i never had these feelings until 6 or 7 weeks ago and i don't know what exactly this attraction is and means - it worries me as well. i want to live and love without fear - should i be worried?

I get more excited about women, but would prefer to have a boyfriend

About a year ago, I began to be attracted to gay men, in looks and stereotypical personalities, and watching them "do stuff" turns me on. I became sort of obsessed with the gay community and started watching logo, reading gay books, etc, and standing up for gay rights whenever it's mentioned. I thought I was a little weird, but still considered myself straight, just something of a "fag-hag". But, lately, I've found myself more attracted to women than guys. When I think of women, I tend to get more excited than I do with men, but I like the idea of a bf more than a gf. I feel like a total hypocrite saying this, but I'm terrified of the thought that I might be a lesbian. I've always hidden my "gay obsession" from my dad because I know how he'd react, but my mom knows and she asked me once if I was a lesbian and I gave her a definite "no". I feel like I'd be betraying her if I decided I was. I'm very shy and have never had a boyfriend, crush, or male friend since I was 7. What do (...)

I’m a straight female but don’t like my femininity

I've always been confused about my gender... I'm a straight female, but I don't identify with being female at all. I never have, even when I was quite young. But the strange part is, I have a very strong attraction to masculine men, the same men I envy in every way due to their gender. I have a very feminine appearance, the large curves, the small frame, and I hate it. I hate how small and womanly I look. I don't relate or connect to other women on any level. They make me feel uncomfortable, just very out of place. The majority of my friends are male. I often feel like a gay man trapped in a woman's body and it bothers me to no end.

I don’t like calling myself a lesbian, and I want to remove my breasts

What am I? I'm 23, female I have a girlfriend we have been together for 3 years that makes a lesbian right? but, i do not feel comfortable saying that i am a lesbian, i don't like when people points and says you're a lesbian because i don't really feel like a lesbian. It feels weird to say "i am a female" and i know for sure i don't want to be a man, people usually mistakes me for a boy but i have a big breast that makes me look like a woman, i would like to get chest surgery because I've always wanted to get rid of my boobs i don't like them at all. I love my vagina. I love, love women but I often have sexual dreams about men but i don't think i can be with one. I like the idea of looking like girlyboy or a boyishgirl but i don't know why I've always think that way i feel really confused i don't fit in,i don't like the idea of being a lesbian just because i was born a female and like females or being a FTM just because i want to get rid of my boobs and wanna look boyish, Please help meee!!

I want a straight life but enjoy gay porn

hello i have a question im straight or at least i want to be straight i would love to have a family and live a straight's life ... but my question is why do i like looking at gay porn and get hard by looking at guys have sex but when i masturbate after im done im like "i dont wanna have sex with a guy no more" but i have a friend that we always drink hang out and were most of the time together he is just like me he is STRAIGHT but he doesn't feel attracted to guys at all we have gotten drunk really drunk a couple of times and i have given him oral sex and played with him (no fornication) sometimes he says stop so i stop and he tells me it feels good but its just not right but then we start wrestling and leads to the same thing again. next morning we act like if nothing happened , it has happened more than once . wo you think he is gay or curious ?