J’ai eu des relations sexuelles non protégées. Aie-je contracté le VIH?

Bonjour, mon copain et moi sommes ensemble depuis 1 an nous avons fait pour la première fois une penetration anale sans préservatif, il a déjà fait les test dépistant la présence du VIH , qui ont été négatif il n'avait donc rien. Est ce quand même possible dans ce cas d'avoir un risque de maladie sexuellement transmissible ?

I have white bumps on my penis and a burning sensation when I urinate

I have these white bumps on my penis and I had them for a while now... I also had a really bad rash and the doctor gave me medication for that. How do I get rid of the white bumps? I don't feel safe when a woman wants to have sex with me, so I avoid them but the more I do they try harder. What could I do to make them go away? I can't see a doctor, as I have no insurance. The first place I went to was Planned Parenthood and that is where I got myself checked out, but they didn't do a good job. In addition, my penis hurts when I burns very badly. Can you help me?

I have tiny white bumps on the penis and around the testicles. Is this a sign of STIs?

I have tiny white bumps all over the base of my penis and around the testicles. The bumps on the testicles seem like they are attached to my pubic hair but the ones on the shaft dont have hair coming out from them. There is a slight discharge from my penis and if you squeeze these white bumps enough a little bit of white substance will come out. I have also noticed that my penis tends to be moist and kind of sticky. Is this a sign of STIs, and if so, do you know what kind it could possibly be? I have had these symptoms for a year or so.

I think I might have caught an STI, what to do?

Hi ! I have been really worried for the past week. I think I might have caught an STI but I am not sure. I only had one sexual relation, but it was unprotected. I am read that sexually transmitted infections (STI) can cause cancer or make me sterile. Is this true? Could you help me out because I am worried. Thanks! – Anonymous.