Does my teacher like me? I have a crush on her!

Hi, I'm a girl and I have this huge crush on my ELA teacher, who is also female. I find everything about her adorable and might be obsessed with her. She told my mom in parent-teacher conference- "I love her!" "shes my little helper." She also talks to me a lot and tells me I don't smile enough and puts this big smile on to get me to smile and laughs (god i love her laugh) when I do. I had a 99.3 average in her class and when it went down to a b-, she wrote me a little note and put it on my desk during class saying something about how she doesn't like seeing that and she noticed my math grade is similar and "we need to fix this!" and when she walked over and talked to me about it she told me I was very smart and could do better and so on. another thing, she always smiles at me and looks at me in class and she also asks whats wrong if I look sad and offers to let me leave for a bit or take a walk/drink. Does she feel attracted to me? Does she like me? Please help. Thank you. :)

Followup about the crush I have on my old teacher

Dear, Rimma ! First of all thanks a billion for your wonderful and meaningful answer. Is was so worthful and touching. Regarding your queries about me. Here are some details about it: Well, Nobody knows in my family about my attraction towards male, only my best friend( who is of same age and straight) knows about this, but he never supports me and thinks that I'm a kind of mentally patient and I need a doctor. Another thing is I don't know any gay person in my home town nor any came out yet. Reading reaction of my family when they find their only son is gay or bi may put them in jeopardy or say my parents will collapse so i cant come out. When i was in 8th grade he was teaching me, now he is no more my teacher. The thing which attracts me towards him is, personality and nature. the only inappropriate thing he had done with me was, pinching me on my stomach and try to rube my body. He was behaving rudely with me, but now a days we are living in different towns so i cant meet him.

Should I kill myself if my teacher reacts badly to my love for him?

Hi ! There ! I'm 23 year boy. From my childhood I attracted from both the genders(male,female) and I had relations with some girls and guys too. But now a days I'm more attracted towards males than girls. I'm loving my school teacher who is 40+. From my schoolhood I'm attracted towards him, now the situation is very worse, I couldn't concentrate on any other thing other than him and going to mad, because I cant forget him and can not live without him ! should I say him that I'm a GAY and fall in love with him directly or should I KILL myself ???

Does my teacher like me? If not why does he stare?

Dear Experts, I don't really know should I write this? But I need advice. But I really need someone to listen me. I'm 15 year old in high school. Something strange happened 2 weeks ago. I was waiting my teacher, and I saw this another teacher, I kept staring at him. His class was right in-front of me and I saw him everyday and I was staring at him all the time. I know this is wrong but I kept staring at him. Five days later, I was waiting my friend in the hallway and that teacher was passing by me and he stared at me two times. The next morning he stared at me like he was embarrassed. The next morning he stared at me like he was attracted by from me. Two days later he was in his classroom and helping his students he stared at me a lot of times. I got so nervous. I actually felt happy about it. I know this teacher shouldn't be doing but I think he something on me. I kind of have feeling for him. I will never talk him or anything like that. Why he stares at me? Thanks so much!!

I think my teacher is attracted to me.

I think my teacher is attracted to me. I am just confused with how he is acting around me; he is the type of teacher everybody loves, makes fun of everybody and is known for being a hardass towards his students (regardless of their gender), but once I got to know him I realized that there was something very different about the way he acted towards me. He stares at me constantly when I'm in his class; he grants me different privileges over other students; he asks me about my love life; and I know he is trying hard not to cross any lines, and I just really need to know how to act around him. Help?

Is it acceptable to be good friends with a teacher of the opposite sex?

Is it acceptable to be good friends with a teacher of the opposite sex? I'm 17 years old at an only-girls school. I am really close to a male teacher (even though he is not currently teach me). I met him when I was 13 through a sporting activity. Over the years we have grown closer, and have become friends. He is 37, and is married with kids. We have the same interests and have long and fulfulling conversations. Me, him and my friend (also 17) are best friends and do so much together. Recently the 3 of us went to a different city for a concert, and had the best night ever. Our relationship is not sexual in any way, though we do greet with hugs sometimes. I do love him, but only as a friend. He feels the same way. A lot of people find this friendship weird, and many disapprove. But he looks after me, and is definitely young at heart. I can see us being friends forever. I love every minute I spend with him. I don't know what to think/do, and whether this relationship is truly wrong or weird? Please help!

I think I may be in love with my teacher, and I feel depressed and suicidal

I'm 15 and from the UK, where I'm in year 10. Since coming to high school, I've been very unhappy because I'm shy and have difficulty making friends, but last year I realized that I had feelings for my teacher. Since then, more than a year has passed, he still teaches me, and although I've tried to control my feelings, they've deepened into something more like love: I feel so nervous when I'm around him - I go all shaky, my heart pounds, my breathing becomes shallow, and recently, I've been feeling anxious and paranoid because of him. I think I am suffering from depression, as I feel like crying all the time and have suicidal thoughts daily. I feel like I'm on my way to a mental breakdown because I have no one to talk to about any of this. I've tried to forget about my teacher, but I can't; it is not a "crush", and I really need advice on what to do because my GCSEs are on the line, as well as my mental health. Please can you help me?

I am in love with my teacher but he recently got married

sie 0 Femme 15 years old 234 0 Dear experts I have a problem and need some advice. There is a teacher in my classroom who stares at me a lot, whenever I enter the classroom he makes eye contact with me. I feel like he's attracted to me. I heard he even got married a few months ago. I like him as a teacher, we have NO relationship whatsoever and never will be. This really bothers me. Once when he stared at me he couldn't stop staring at me. He hasn't done anything inappropriate to me. Please help me what should I do? Does he have a crush on me? Should I report him? I'm in love with him. I know this is wrong but I just fell in love with him. When I heard he got married I was shocked, I was falling apart. This hurts so much. So much suffering and sadness. Please help me, what should I do? Should I forget him? Thanks a lot.