Did I condition myself to like guys? And help for Christian queers.

So, I have always questioned my sexuality. When I started "self-pleasuring" myself about 3 yrs. ago I only ever thought about girl. When I realized that this wasn't exactly normal, I started forcing my self to thing about guys. So now, I have dated guys, but I don't really feel an emotional attraction to them (only very little). Sexually speaking, the idea of penetration doesn't bother me, but thinking of a penis doesn't really turn me on. With girls, I am very attracted to them physically. So am I bi?... Did I in a way condition myself to like guys all those years ago?...Or am I a lesbian in denial? Also if there is any advice for a gay teenager whose Christian, that would also be very helpful. Thank you <3 Krisy

I hate how religions portray homosexuality

I hate when people start with religion and sexuality. They tell us how this stupid book says we can't be gay or whatever. They say its unnatural and try to 'FIX' us or abuse us. What if we don't want to be fixed, I certainly don't want to change my sexuality and third gender which I'm sure they are against too. Instead of trying to find a cure so people can be happy too, why don't they just leave us alone? My dad always brings up this stupid thing about how gays are wrong and how having same-sex intercourse is like doing it with animals. I told him that it's completely different because that's all about sex rather than sexuality and the animal can not make a mature choice as to if it wants to because it cannot speak so it's like RAPE, which is wrong. I'm really getting annoyed with the world's views on gays/transgenders and everything else. It's sickening. I want to help stop this madness but I don't know how. What can I do?? I feel so hopeless that the world is doomed to be forever like this.

I don’t want to be gay, can I change my sexual orientation ?

I am sexually gay, and emotionally straight, ive never had any sexual or emotional contact with members of the same sex, and i dont want to because even if i enjoy the moment, i dont feel confortable with it, shouldnt i be confortable with my sexuality no matter what label i am in? i dont believe that its all right for a man to be atracted to other mans, its unnatural... so why is it that theres no way to repair this?? people say that being gay is not a problem, but it is to me! i dont want this! there must be a way to fix this because its not natural.. i think that the outreach team that answer these questions dont have any idea what we are through, and you answer to us like its nothing to worry about, and i think youre wrong... somebody has to do something about this... theres people suiciding themselves.. theres people dying!! at least be honest and say that you dont know anything about changing sexuality... if we can change our behaviour by theraphies, then im sure that its possibe

Where can I meet another « lipstick lesbian » ?

So I've recently come to terms with my sexuality - I'm an almost 18 year old bouncing between bi and lesbian. Except the more I go online and find out about the community, the more I see that 'lipstick lesbians' (feminine ID) are usually not as accepted in the gay community as butch-looking ones because the "real" lesbians doubt their sexual orientation. This saddens me, because I'm definitely a "femme", attracted to other 'lipstick lesbians", and from what I've seen it seems to be incredibly hard to find others like me. I truly do not find masculine-identified lesbians attractive at all, and now I'm kind of paranoid there are very little 'femmes' out there - I'm scared of forever falling for the straight girls! So, is there hope for me? Where can I meet other 'lipsticks?' I live in Montreal. My friend has proposed to accompany me to a gay bar, but I'm afraid everyone will be in their thirties (as opposed to the "het" clubs we go to usually) and the majority butch-looking...


I am sitting here wondering how to begin explaining such an horrible expression of human emotion brought on by nothing less than gynophobia ( gyne, from woman and phobia, from intolerance or hatred for) therefore it can be said that transphobia is one of the last socially " acceptable " forms of bigotry, yet pure bigotry nonetheless.

Are Gay Stereotypes Gaining Ground and Losing Bite

Less than 10 years ago Tom Hanks played the first gay lead in a big budget film, Philadelphia, and just under five years ago Ellen DeGeneres did the same on a prime time TV show. Back then, the community held its collective breath whenever a lesbian or gay character was to appear, and hoped it wouldn't be a predictable stereotype to feed the flames of bigotry or confirm the fears of our parents.