I have suffered a lot in my country of origin, now I suffer too in my country of adoption

as a gay,i have suffered enough in my country nigeria and now am in netherlands seeking asylum,but i still feel insecure and timid here in netherlands, cos sometimes am been forced by gay guys here, so i don't like that kind of treatment cos i want a peaceful love life with whoever i found but forcing me makes me loosing my mind and also fearing that i might die,so just advice me because am confused here.i guess i should choose whom i want to be with but this type here is causing me to loose my mind and remember some bad treatments i received in my country. netherlands is a good country but some hooligans create a bad name for it in terms of been gay, so advice me ok and am also worried about my young brother who is also a gay but was also rejected like me and i don't know his whereabouts, so am really depressed and pissed off with life

What is the actual meaning of transgender?

This is not so much as a question but to clear up an answer that you answered about what is transgender mean. You were partially right in your response.

In the 1930s the word transgender was first coined by a gay sexoligist to discribe gay,lesbian and transexual people. In other words all theose people that did not conform to what society considers the gender "norm" I find it somewhat disturbing when I see or hear others use the meaning that you used. Yes transexuals do fit under the transgender umbrella however so do lesbians, crossdressers, dragqueens/kings, gay men, intersexed etc.

I just wish people would use the correct meaning so that later I don`t have to do history lessens to mixed up people later on. I do find much of what you write helpful to many people, but at the same time I don`t always find the information completely correct.

For many years transexual people have had to fight against many sterio types and many misinformed people. I would also appreciate it if in the next issue you could better explain the term transgender. - Leslie

Is sodomy (anal penetration) dangerous?


I am 21 years old, I am gay and single. I would like to know if practising sodomy can lead to negative circumstances, and if I should stop introducing objects into the anus. I do not want to appear obscene: I am afraid of any negative predicaments in the future resulting from this type of practice. Is sodomy considered as a good or bad practice for the body? Is it dangerous? Thank you!