Je veux faire du bénévolat dans la communauté LGBT!

J'ai 19 ans et je cherche à faire du bénévolat dans la communauté gay ou trans car je suis un gars transsexuel en procédure de changement de sexe.Je ne suis pas aux études ni au travail et je cherches à m'occuper par du bénévolat et pouvoir en même temps rencontrer d'autres LGBT comme moi. Merci d'avance

I don’t have many chances to talk to boys, but maybe I prefer girls?

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've never had a boyfriend before. I don't have any brothers and I go to an all girls school. I don't socialise with people outside of my immediate family and school friends, so I don't have any friends that are boys (as opposed to boyfriends). Recently I was talking to a boy I met on a volunteer programme. I thought he was nice, but I wasn't sexually attracted to him. This got me worried about why I wasn't attracted to him. I began to worry that I might be gay, even though it had never ever occurred to me before. Once I started thinking about it, I couldn't get the thought out of my head. Suddenly, I began to find women sexually attractive, even though I never had before. I have always found guys good-looking, but I have always known when girls were pretty as well. All I've ever wanted, old-fashioned as it sounds, is to get married to a man and have children. I don't understand this. I don't have a crush on any girl at all, and never have. Please help.

The ABC’s of Involvement at AlterHéros in 2008

This April, AlterHéros will be organising the 5th annual general assembly of its members. Due to the way that AlterHéros is structured, these meetings are vital for the proper function and sustainability of the association. For this reason we wish to enlighten you on the subject off our mission and to open your mind to the possibility of directly involving yourself in the AlterHéros community in 2008.

AlterHeros.com celebrates its 5th anniversary!

The portal AlterHeros.com continues to impress. After more than 1.6 million visits from people all around the world since its creation in January 2002, the none-for-profit organization behind the Internet website continuous to innovate by launching a “volunteer operation” that marks the beginning of its 5th anniversary.

Allostars Gala : a permanent prize to honour our leaving president!

On March the 11th, the 1st Allostars Gala was held at the prestigious Downtown Delta Hotel. This gala was the culminating point of the Allostars competition whose goal was to reward the exceptional involvement of individuals or organization of the queer community world in 2005-2006.