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Gala Arc-en-ciel 2010

October 2010

At the 2010 Gala Arc-en-ciel, organized by the Quebec Council of gays and lesbians, AlterHeros won by the price Group par Excellence. In addition, Julie-Maude Beauchesne won the award for Outstanding Volunteer.  Finally, Marc-Olivier Ouellet received a nomination in the category of Outstanding personality.

Meritas AlterHéros 2007-2008

September 2008

September 13th, we held our first AlterHeros Retreat for volunteers, members and friends of the organization. On this occasion, we held our second Gala Meritas for thanking our volunteers. The winners were as follows:

  • Director of the Year: Julie-Maude Beauchesne and Marc-Olivier Ouellet
  • Volunteer of the Year: Rahul Gaydhani
  • Journalist of the Year: Julie-Maude Beauchesne
  • Speaking of the year: Fred Picotte and Elyse Bourbeau
  • Hope AlterHéros David Vachon
  • Mad King François Paquette

Congratulations to you all!

Gala des Allostars 2007

February 2007

By the Allostars contest, the Regroupement d’entraide pour la jeunesse allosexuelle du Québec (REJAQ) wanted to acclaim youth’s involvment in their community.  Community organisms, student associations, sport clubs and members of Quebec’s allosexual community were invited to submit the profile of people aged 14 to 30 years old which they felt had brought something special to one of 10 categories of nominations.    Volunteers from AlterHéros won the following prizes:

  • François Paquette: Winner of the Allostar of the Bénévole par Excellence. François was the Outreach Team director since 1 year and a half at AlterHéros.
  • Hugo Ducharme: Winner of the Allostar of the Jeune artiste de l’année. Hugo is an ex-administrator of AlterHéros and is a volunteer in the Editorial Team.
  • Alice Brassard: Winner of the Allostar of the Prix Marc-Olivier Ouellet, Bénévole par Excellence, catégorie Relève. Alice is a volunteer in the Editorial Team.

In addition, our organism got the Mention d’honneur du Jury 2007.

Also, congratulations to nominates: Marilyn Champagne and Véronique Brisson. For more information, go to http://www.allostars.org .

Méritas AlterHéros 2006-2007

February 2007

To thank its volunteers, the Administration Committee of AlterHéros organized the first Méritas 2006-2007 on February 17th 2007 at the Centre Communautaire des Gais et des Lesbiennes.  The winners were:

  • Administrator of the year: Tiago Graça
  • Volunteer of the year: Maghali Gagné
  • Journalist of the year: Julie-Maude Beauchesne
  • Counselor of the year: Sabrina Prégent
  • Animator of the year Caroline Castonguay-Boisvert
  • Fou du Roi :Véronique Brisson


Gala des Allostars 2006

March 2006

In addition to receiving 6 nominations for its volunteers at this first edition of the Allostars, the administration committee of the REJAQ named the prize Bénévole par Excellence, catégorie Relève, the prize Marc-Olivier Ouellet, as an honorific title for the founding president of AlterHéros, which was also an active member of the Coalition jeunesse montréalaise de lutte à l’homphobie.

Prix Jeune-Bénévole Claude-Masson, Hommage Bénévolat Québec

April 2005

The prize Hommage bénévolat-Québec is given by Québec’s government to congratulate the exceptional implication of volunteers and organisms from all regions of Québec.  lt aims to show its admiration to the amount of implication of people in their community and to promote volunteer implication.  The Secrétariat à l’action communautaire autonome et aux initiatives sociales is responsible for the organization of this prize. The president/founder of AlterHéros, Marc-Olivier Ouellet, received the prize Jeune-Bénévole Claude-Masson for  Montréal’s region. Click here for more info.

Lauréat AVENIR Société, Communication et Éducation, Forces AVENIR

October 2004

Forces AVENIR aims at the recognition and promotion of youth’s implication in projects that increase knowledge, the drive to succeed and the development of civil sense, in order to have people both implicated in their community and in the world in general.  In October  2004, the AlterHéros team won the AVENIR Société prize, Communication and Education at the Gala Forces AVENIR at Sherbrooke. The project AlterHéros got the title of the best project in Québec and AlterHéros received a 4 000$ bursary. Click here for more info.

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