AlterHeros Retreats

The AlterHeros Retreats

The AlterHeros Retreat (Retraites des AlterHéros) is a special training and orientation day, that is held 3 times a year in Montreal.  It’s a day dedicated to our new and current volunteers and members.

During this day, workshops are given on various topics that concern our volunteers involved at AlterHeros.  For instance, it includes workshops regarding journalism, marketing, web development, outreach, and more.  Moreover, we usally invite guest speakers to talk about issues that we face as volunteers in the GLBT community.

For new volunteers that would like to know more about what it means and what is require to become a volunteer, the AlterHeros Retreat is the best way to get information.  We give a special workshop dedicated to new volunteers where we explain how to get involved, our work processes, we also give you background on our organization, new volunteers get to meet our team members, and much more!

For current volunteers, it is a great opportunity to meet other volunteers, to share experiences, get feedback the team leaders, know more about our projects and more.  Even though the retreats are not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you attend.  And it’s free!

The AlterHeros Retreats are usually held on the 4th Saturday of September, February and May.  But make sure that you subscribe to our facebook group for details.

You have some questions? You want to get involve? Write to

See ya!

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